woensdag 13 april 2011

Darynda Jones - First Grave on the Right

Title : First Grave on the Right
Series : Charley Davidson #1
Release date : February 2011
Publisher : St. Martin’s Press
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Charlotte “Charley” Davidson is a private investigator but she has an unusual gift, as long as she can remember she can see and talk to the death. It appears she is the Grim Reaper and spirits see her as bright, sparkly and as the doorway to Heaven.

Currently she is working as a consultant for the Albuquerque Police Department and help her uncle, who is the leading officer with an unusual case. Three lawyers from the same firm were murdered and all three spirits came to Charley for help. They have some unfinished business and they need her helps to get closure.

But Charley has some other things on her mind too, for the last month she has these weird dreams, about this mysterious dark stranger seducing her. Who is he? What does he want from her?

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones is her debut and first novel in the Charley Davidson Series and I loved it. This book has all the right ingredients for a great novel, a strong heroine, some fabulous secondary characters, danger, action and a good dose of humour. What else do you need to entertain yourself?

Charley is a fabulous character; she is strong and determined to succeed in life. Her bond with her family is divided, the bond she has with her father and uncle is strong because they believe in her gift and even ask her to help them in some police investigations. But the family bond with her stepmother is going downhill, especially after some accident in the past, where Charley uses her gift. Charley tries to avoid her stepmother as much as possible.

But there is someone else in her life, “Big Bad” she calls him. He has been there since the day she was born and appears when she’s in danger, taking care of her enemies. You will learn more about this mysterious character when you get further in the book, what or who he really is and why he is always there.

I have to say this debut novel is funny, steamy and definitely worth to check out. I’m already looking forward to the next novel in this series and see what will happen next in Charley’s life.


Aurian zei

Okay, this one sure gets a place on my wishlist Natasja. Sounds very intriguing.

Tyraa zei

I loved this book! Charley was soo funny!

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