woensdag 13 april 2011

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Kiss

Title : Archangel’s kiss
Series : Guild Hunters #2
Release date : February 2010
Publisher : Berkley Publisher
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Elena Deveraux is a vampire hunter with a unique power to detect the rogue vampires, but during her last battle she was deadly injured. In order to save the woman he became to love, Archangel Rafael turned her into a made-angel and put her into a coma to heal. Now she’s awake and has to learn to use her angel wings and powers, before turning back to the Guild.

Rafael has no regrets about changing Elena, but he knows there will be consequences for making her an angel. During their first investigation she has stole his heart and this was the only way to save her. He knows she will be his weakness, but he need her by his side.

Someone is endangering innocent lives of children of their kind and Elena’s skills will be useful to track down these rogue vampires and angels. But that is not all; the oldest and most dangerous archangel invites Rafael and Elena to a ball. Will it be a trap?

Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh is the second novel in her Guild Hunters Series and an excellent addition to the series.

It was weird to see Elena so weak when she woke up after almost a year being in coma, we all know that she was a kick-ass chick in the first novel. But I loved her determination to train as hard as she can and become the strong woman again. Her training with a couple of Rafael’s seven was fabulous and I love the interactions she has with one of the angels…., the really touch my heart.

Rafael is still the hard-ass archangel and rules his territory like he always have. He knows Elena is his weakness and can be used against him by other archangels or vampires, but he is determined to have her by his side.

I don’t have to say that this novel is another must read; Nalini Singh creates a fabulous world and amazing characters. After I finished this novel, I wanted more…but unfortunately she only have one book in the series a year…it’s going to be a long wait.


Aurian zei

No, you are one book behind! You can read another one. And of course there will soon be Kiss of Snow, Hawke's story.

I totally love this series as well.

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