maandag 11 april 2011

Allyson James - Firewalker

Title : Firewalker
Series : Stormwalker #2
Release date : November 2010
Publisher : Berkley Publisher
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Janet Begay is a stormwalker, who can draw energy from a storm and use that power against evil. She finally learned to control that power, but the other inherited power from her evil mother is calling to her. It’s always trying to talk her into doing something she shouldn’t do and Janet is fighting hard to control this power too, but with all the threats on her life it seems impossible. Her new friend Coyote, who’s also a God, warns her to control that power soon or he will end it for her, even if this mean taking her life.

Besides all of this Janet is desperately trying to find her dragon lover Mick. He was send by his council to destroy her, but instead fell in love and took her as his mate. Now he is missing, probably his fellow dragons are responsible for his disappearing. But Janet is determined to find him, even is that means facing the dragon council on her own.

Firewalker by Allyson James is the second novel in her Stormwalker Series and I have to tell you, this is getting better and better. Miss James had me from page one and lured me into this dangerous journey, where you only could escape by finishing the book.

I love Janet, she is a strong woman who is determined to control all the powers within her. Although she is already controlling the powers from her father side of the family, she is struggling hard to get those evil powers of her mother under control. But it demands to be free and wants to control her, but with the help of her friends she will find a way to break the spell and control it.

Although Coyote and Sheriff Nash are some fine handsome men, but I find my heart beating harder and louder when Mick appears. That dragon male is one sex-on-a-stick kind of man. The chemistry between Janet and Mick is huge and you can feel the sparks coming from the pages.

Janet’s relationship with Sheriff Nash is still a struggle, even though he knows he has some powers of his own, he won’t accept it. But when Janet needs his help to search for Mick, he goes with her and helps Mick escape. I have to say that gives him character.

This is one hell of a novel, full with action, great characters and some steamy love scenes. It’s definitely a must read.


Aurian zei

Wow Natasja, I really have to find the time to read this series! They have been on my must read soon list way too long by now.

Lady Caella zei

Yeah, you should try to find time to get started...only two books out in this series, so you don't have to catch up with a lot of books. have fun with them !

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