dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Desiree Holt - Lust Unleashed

Title: Lust Unleashed by Desiree Holt
Series: Night Seekers # 1
Release: August 11, 2010
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Genre: Paranormal Erotica

After some cruel attacks by the legendary Chupacabra, a group of Law Enforcement Agents resign from their jobs and decides to work together to catch this devil beast. Some of them are shape shifters, some are human, but they all have one thing in common, they lost someone close to them to this beast. So they are determined to kill it for good.

Jonah Grey is the first of the group to investigate a killing site of the beast. He lost the woman who was to be his mate to this evil thing and he is determined to be the one who kills it. He left the FBI and joined the Night Seekers. He knows he has to act fast, because the beast only strikes three times in one area and then moves on. During his investigation he meets Dakota Furcal, a local woman and for some reason he cannot seem to stay away from her.

Lust Unleashed by Desiree Holt is the first novel in her Night Seekers Series. I have to say it’s one steamy novel.

When Jonah and Dakota meet each other, you can feel the sexual attraction between them. But Dakota is a local woman who’s been shunned for her half-breed heritage. So she wants nothing to do with this stranger Jonah, but he cannot seem to stay away from her. The members of the small town avoid her; they only seek her out when they need some of her herbs. When they finally gave into their sexual attraction, Jonah tells her everything about the Chupacabra, him being a shape shifter, his past, his discovery that she is his mate and the fact he wants her by his side forever.

Dakota is a strong woman and I like that. Because the way she’s been treated, she only trust a handful of people, but the moment Jonah walks into her life, she feels a connection like she never felt before. I love the fact that she doesn’t run for the hills, when he decides to tell her everything. No, she is one of those women who will fight beside her mate.

I enjoy reading this book; Jonah and the other Night Seekers are great characters. The combination of shifters and human law enforcement is fabulous; they all have law backgrounds and one thing in common, the lost of a loved one. That makes the group stronger and more determined to catch this beast or should I say beasts, because no way all those murders are committed by one evil beast. I’m looking forward to read the next one.


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