woensdag 16 maart 2011

ARC - Colleen Gleason - The Vampire Voss

Title : The Vampire Voss
Series : The Regency Draculia #1
Release : March 2011
Publisher : Mira
Genre : Historical Paranormal Romance

Lucifer offered some men a curse/gift in a dream, what they didn’t realizing is what they were signing up for until they woke up the next morning with a mark on their back, the need for blood and a personal Asthenia “an Achilles heel or vulnerability”.

Viscount Drewhurst “Voss” informs Lord Covingdale “Dimitri” that his good friend Chas Woodmore has disappeared with Narcissa Moldavi. She is the sister of Dimitri’s sworn enemy Cezar Moldavi. Dimitri knows it won’t be long before the Woodmore’s sisters will be arriving, because he promised to act as their guardian if something should happen to Chas. Dimitri is not happy that Voss is the one who delivers this information, because they have a history and it’s not all good.

In the vampire community not everyone trusts Voss, he is known to gather information about them and use it for his own advantage. Voss wants to be around Dimitri in order to get close to the Woodmore sisters, because the rumour is that one of them has the Sight and he needs information for his power struggle.

But nothing goes according plan, the moment Voss meets Angelica Woodmore, the sister with the Sight, her scent tempts him more that he could imagine.

The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason is the first novel in her Regency Draculia Series and I love it. I’m already a huge fan of her Gardella Vampire Chronicles and I think this series will be another addiction.

Voss is a vampire you will love one moment and hate the next, he is definitely not the typical hero type. You cannot trust him, because when it fits him he will use any information against you and that is exactly what he wants to do with Angelica, spend some time with her and gather as much information about this other vampire colleagues and be on his way.

The more time he spent with Angelica’s the more her scent drives him crazy and at some point his bloodlust hits and he bites her. Luckily for Angelica he has the strength to stop in time and send her back to Dimitri.

I have to be honest that I didn’t like Voss very much in the beginning, but during the book he grew on me and in the end he was definitely the man/vampire I thought he would be. His relationship with Angelica starts off on all the wrong reasons, but you can feel his growing affection for her. She is strong, knows what she wants and is definitely a great heroine for Voss.

Colleen Gleason did it again, that is all I can say. The book is well written and definitely worth to check out, it will keep you turning page after page just to see what will happen next. I’m already looking forward to the next novel The Vampire Dimitri, which will be about Angelica’s older sister Maia and their guardian Dimitri.


Aurian zei

I have stopped reading the first Gadella book for some reason, and never got back to it. Just did not appeal enough to me I fear.
I am not certain about this one.

Grace Fonseca zei

You're blog is beautiful Lady Caella. I think it's very nice looking. Come on over to Livre De Amour

Lady Caella zei

Thank you Grave for the compliment. I'll definitely visit Livre de Amour and follow it.

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