woensdag 9 maart 2011

Cherise Sinclair - Club Shadowlands

Title: Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair
Series: Masters of the Shadowlands #1
Release: June 2009
Publisher: Loose Id, LLC
Genre: Erotica Romance

Jessica Russell just left another bad date and is on her way home when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. She sought shelter at the closest residence, only to discover that it is a private BSDM Club. She has to sign an agreement before she can enter the club, just to secure the rules of the house and the members inside.

Master Z, is the club owner and one of the Dom in the club. He soon discover that his little visitor is being aroused by the activities in the club and the more he observe her, the more he came to know that deep inside that beautiful body, lays a submissive waiting to be explore…. a task he is willing to take on.

Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair is the first novel in her Masters of the Shadowlands Series. The only word I can say after reading this book is…WOW…

I’m a vanilla girl all the way, but I have to say after reading this BDSM book, you wonder how it all goes or feel in real life. Not that I want to find out now, oh no, I don’t think this is something for me, but never say never. BDSM doesn’t have to be all about pain, whips and leather.

I really enjoy reading about Jessica and Zachary; to see how Jessica experiences the BDSM scene and slowly discovers that she is indeed a submissive. That she really wants Master Z to bring out the submissive and let him take control of everything. But who wouldn’t want to give up her control, to be touch and loved by this gorgeous master.

The club has some other handsome and wonderful masters and I really want to know more about them. So I cannot wait to start the next one, Dark Citadel, which is about Master Dan.


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