maandag 21 februari 2011

Lisa Renee Jones - The Beast Within

Title: The Beast Within
Series: Knight of White #book 1
Release: November 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin (Silhouette Nocturne Series)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

There is an Immortal group of warriors; The Knights of White, these men were all attacked somewhere in the past by one of the Darkland Beasts, but saved my a man named Salvatore. Now they are re-grouped to fight their enemy and Jag is their leader. Jag is one of the strongest among the Knights, but he can feel his beast within him fighting for release, to become the very thing they are fighting against. But lately Jag is dreaming about a woman, who not only calls to his soul but also to his beast. Who is she? Is she innocent or working among their enemy? Jag will do anything to find out.

When Karen Gibson receives a very disturbing phone call from her sister Eva, she doesn’t hesitate and takes the first plane towards her sister. It appears her sister is in the hospital, where the doctors are telling her that Eva harmed herself. Karen cannot believe what she’s hearing, there must be another explanation. What is it about those biting marks and the one name Eva is calling to? Are these evil beasts she heard about real? The only way to save her sister is to find Jaguar ranch and beg for help.

The moment Karen meets the owner of the ranch, she has a feeling they met before, only to remember her dreams about him. Is Jag one of those evil beasts or the only man who can save her sister?

The Beast Within by Lisa Renee Jones is the first novel in her Knight of White Series and a terrific book to read.

The warriors of the Knights of White are all men who almost died by the hand of the Darkland Beasts, who were trying to steal their human souls. Luckily for them Salvatore restores their soul and recruits them to fight this evil enemy and save humankind.

Jag is the leader and is already balancing on the edge of turning into one of those beasts himself. But when he meets Karen, the woman of his dreams he knows he found his equal.

The attraction between Jag and Karen is huge, but he is fighting this attraction only because his beast seems to like her too. It wants him to mark her as his mate, but will it turns out for the greater good or destroy his soul forever.

Lisa Renee Jones has written one hell of a story between evil and good. The main and secondary characters are fabulous and I’m looking forward to read more about some of those warriors. This author already got my attention after reading some of her stand alone books, but after reading this novel she is on auto-buy from now on.


Aurian zei

Sounds promising. Of course, not read this author before though the books are somewhere on my shelves ...

Lady Caella zei

This series is good Aurian, you definitely need to check it out. I'm going to read the last one in the series now...cannot wait...Lisa Renee Jones is definitely one of my favorites now.

Nancy McGregor zei

This looks really good. I've added it to the list.

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