dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Amber Benson - Cat's Claw

Title : Cat’s Claw
Series : Calliope Reaper-Jones # 2
Release date : February 23, 2010
Publisher : Ace Books
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Calliope “Calli” Reaper-Jones is happy with her normal life, especially when she has an unusual family. She happens to be the daughter of the president of Death Inc., also known as Death and she is next in line for the job and she is not looking forward to that.

Calli has a debt with the three-headed hellhound Cerebus and the time has come for him to collect that debt she owns him. Calli has to find the soul of this architect from the times of Ancient Egypt and return him to Cerebus in order for her to keep Runt, her hellhound pup. Of course there is a catch, she has 24 hours to find this lost soul or she’ll face a lot worse that losing her favourite pup.

Cat’s Claw by Amber Benson is the second novel in her Calliope Reader-Jones Series and another great novel. Just like the first novel I found myself being lured into the world and didn’t want to leave it until I turned the last page.

In the first novel Calli was a spoiled woman, who desperately wanted a normal life with a boring job and only thinking about clothes and other non-important things in her life. Being away from her weird family was a bonus for her. I think being the daughter of Death gives her the right to act that way, a spoiled woman, but I have to be honest I love the change in Calli in this book. She still has that unusual personality and attitude we saw in the first novel, but her priorities has changed. You could say she finally grew up after the first novel and was willing to embrace her supernatural side.

Beside her favour to Cerebus, which is to find that missing soul of this architect, she also helps Daniels whose shade has been stolen by a cat. Not to mention figure out where she stands in her relationship with Daniel, does she love him or not?

I have to say Cat’s Claw is well written and has some kind of humour in it, which I love. I can only say that I’m looking forward to the next novel and see in what kind of trouble Calli will be in then.


Aurian zei

You really are on a role here! This is another series that has been on my radar for a while, but still not in my hands ...

Lady Caella zei

LOL, yeah sorry...I'm a little behind with the reviews, so I'm trying real hard to catch up.

I have book number 3 waiting for me to read...and I will do that soon...very soon..

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