donderdag 10 maart 2011

ARC - Anthology - Carnal Machines

Title : Carnal Machines
Edited : Rachel D.L. King
Release : April, 2011
Publisher : Cleis Press, Inc.
Genre : Steampunk Erotica

This book was given to me by the publisher for an honest review:

Human Powered by Teresa Noelle Roberts
A female professor is one of the first women in America to become a professor of arcane engineering. She has developed a device that uses the energy of the human body to power itself. A little help from her dear friend Dr. Benedict Lowell will make this device work, but who would have thought sexual fulfilment and pleasure is the key.

The Servant Question by Janine Ashbless
The Tulliver’s Mechanical Servants provides households of mechanic staff, the owner and designer is trying to meet his client’s wishes. But the demands of Mrs. Petherton for a new housemaid seem to be a little strange.

Sleight of hand by Renee Michaels
Cassandra Devore is an excellent thief and is about to do another job, so she can keep her family fed and housed. But she never could imagine the deal involving her husband and his “toys”.

Mutiny on the Danika Blue by Poe von Page
Jael is the leader of the mutiny on the Danika Blue and took the captain spot at once. He also declared Ailbhe, the only female on the ship to be his and his alone. But who is really the captain in their relationship?

Deviant devices by Kannon Feng
Prostitute Victoria DeClemens will be experiencing some new mechanical devices for the first time with a little help of Mercer. It will be a sexual experience she never will forget.

The perfect girl by Jay Lawrence
A professor visits Mrs. James brothel with most likely one of his students, but the lady who has been chosen by the professor will experience one of her strangest session she ever has. It seems this female student isn’t really what she appears to be.

Dr. Mullaley’s cure by Delilah Devlin
A nurse has just started her job at Dr. Mullaley office when she accidentally discovers what he actually practices. It appears a lot of women cannot find release and when their husbands won’t be able to assist, this doctor will. And nurse Percy is about to find out for herself what kind of devices this doctor uses.

Her own devices by Lisabet Sarai
Miss Chung has been sent by her master Wu to spy on Chris Burton. To learn why his brothel has been growing tremendously and Wu’s not. She is shocked to learn who Mr. Burton really is, but cannot explain the attraction.

Lair of the Red Countess by Kathleen Bradean
Archibald Fraser accidentally burst into the Spiritualist’s Club; not knowing this is actually a club, where Countess runs the place. She has just the right punishment for him.

Infernal Machine by Elias A. St.James
Elijah Moyse Salomann is an artificer and is repairing one of the Carstairs Machines, not really knowing if it will work. But his lover Aleksandr Koslov has faith in him. Elijah accidentally discovers what the chair is for and decides that he and his lover will definitely enjoy exploring it.

Doctor Watson makes a house call by Essemoh Teepee
Dr. Watson has acquired some toys from the late Lady Annabel and is quite known to demonstrate them to the ladies of the ton.

The Treatment by D.L. King
Miss Li has moved to England and has set up a treatment for young men, it seems that they have a huge amount of untapped energy that she wants to harvest. When the two friends Harold and Rufus walk thru her front door, she couldn’t image hitting the jackpot.

Lucifer Einstein and the curious case of the carnal contraption by Tracey Shellito
Luci has been ordered by her mother to come back home and find out why her friend refuse to marry. She discovers that a stranger is leaving wonderful devices behind for men and women to explore.

The succubus by Elizabeth Schechter
The House of the Sable Locks is famous among a small circle, you can find the pleasure of men, women or for a small amount of daredevils, the succubus. Nigel is about to find out how far this succubus is able to go.

Carnal Machines Anthology has a theme...mechanical devices, some of them we might have heard of and some totally new. All the stories are set in the Victorian period, where women wore corsets, didn’t work and just took care of their men, or so it seems….

I have to say those authors done an amazing job with these very short stories, some of them had me right from the first paragraph, and there were only three stories that I really have mixed feelings about. Maybe it’s because of the weird mechanical devices they use.

This anthology is well-written and very entertainment. So if you are looking for some small hot sexual stories and don’t mind to read about the use of devices, then this is definitely the book for you.


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