dinsdag 29 maart 2011

Julie Cohen - One Night Stand

Title : One Night Stand
Release date : January 10th, 2008
Publisher : Little Black Dress Publisher
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Eleanor Connor is an erotica novel writer and is also working at the local bar. Her relationship with her family isn’t too bright full and she will makes sure that she doesn’t turns up like her mother. Then one night she does the very thing she always avoids, getting drunk with a gorgeous customer and have a one-night stand. When she wakes up the next morning with a huge hangover and only a few memories from the night before, she realize that they haven’t use a condom.

When she finally discovers that she is pregnant, Eleanor confides her neighbour, playboy and best friend Hugh with her little problem. He promises her to help her find the father-to-be, but both of them couldn’t imagine the outcome of this whole situation.

One Night Stand by Julie Cohen is a novel full of crazy humour. It’s a book where you can relate with the main character and I had that with Eleanor…not being pregnant after a one night stand, that never happened to me, but I could feel her struggle about her feeling towards her best friend Hugh.

From the moment you read about Eleanor’s one-night stand and her newfound pregnancy, you’re by her side when she starts her journey to find the anonymous father. You really want her to find this guy, because he really was gorgeous, but during the book you see and feel how her best friend Hugh starts caring for her in a way you want the love of your life to feel for you. You really are hoping that Eleanor finds out his true meaning and choose him instead.

I have to say this novel had me smiling quite often and I like that in a book. It was entertaining and breathe taking with some fabulous characters.


Aurian zei

Nice review, and I am glad you liked it. But this is not my kind of book. Though sometimes you need a book that makes you smile.

Lady Caella zei

Well I'm a true Urban Fantasy and paranormal kind of girl, but I got this book at the Book Fair for a nice price, so I needed to check it out.

And you are right, sometimes we need a book that makes you smile.

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