vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Lora Leigh - The man within

Roni “Veronica” has lost her mother at a young age and her father isn’t quite the loving type, he can be very abusive especially when he wants money from her. Roni met Taber when she was just eleven years old, hiding in the woods, since then Taber has kept watch over her. Roni cannot deny that she has wanted Taber, love him since she was sixteen, but Taber always kept his distance. Now she is twenty-two years old and in trouble again, but she knows Taber will come to her rescue.

Taber kept his distance from Roni because he is one of the Breeds and he will not get her involved in this secret mess he is in. But when he bails her out of jail and she pushes him over the edge, he cannot control his instincts and he puts his mark on her. Finally their live together can begin, but because of interfering of a traitor, they both believe the other wants nothing to do with the other and they keep their distance.

Now several months later the news about the Breeds is out in the open and Roni is in danger, because her father saw the mark on her body and sold that information to the highest bidder. Taber knows the only thing to do is save her yet again and claim his mate once and for all.

The man within by Lora Leigh is the second novel in the Breed series and I loved every word of it. This novel is full of danger, relation issues and of course hot and steamy scenes.

Roni and Taber know each other since Roni was eleven years old. He looked out for her ever since and now years later he has to bails her out of jail. They both cannot ignore the huge sparkles flying around between them and Taber cannot control his instincts and marks her as his mate. But for some stupid reason they are drifted apart from each other. Months later everyone knows about the Breeds and that puts Roni in danger, because of Taber’s mark. But nobody treats his mate and get away with it, so Taber takes the first flight to save and claim his mate once and for all.

What I like about this series is the huge closeness between the Breeds Callan, Dawn, Sherra, Tanner and Taber; I know this is normal, because first they living in secret and now they are all in the open about their DNA. But that is not all, Callan’s mate and her brothers are a part of this too and they will do anything in their power to help the Breeds in their journey.

Roni determination to find a cure for this bonding was so hilarious, because we already saw this struggle in the first novel, when Merinus was claimed by Callen. But I’m glad to see that love and friendship will win Roni over, so she can make peace with her Breed life.


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