dinsdag 3 november 2009

Lora Leigh - Nauti dreams

Several years ago Natches MacKay rescued an undercover agent from the hands of the enemy. The attraction between them was huge even though Chaya Dane was seriously wounded. But Chaya disappears without a trace before Natches could convince her to give him a chance. Now Chaya shows up in his town during an investigation and all the attraction he was feeling back then are flowing back to life. Natches is determined to find out why she’s back in his life and figure out a way to keep her in once and for all.

Chaya Dane was grateful when Natches save her life many years ago, but she always felt guilty for her time with him, while her young daughter was killed in a bombing. The only thing to do was disappear out of Natches life and focus on her work. But Chaya’s boss noticed her little affair and he decides to use her connection to him in this new investigation, involving some of the MacKay family members.

Nauti dreams by Lora Leigh is the third novel in the Nauti series and just like the previous two, a fabulous novel full off conspiracy, strong family connections and of course hot steamy scenes between the two main characters.

The circumstances Natches and Chaya meet each other isn’t the best way to start a relationship, but it definitely left their marks on both of them. So when they meet each other again several years later, they cannot deny the still growing attraction between them. But Chaya still feels guilty about her daughter’s death. Her husband was a traitor to their country and sold her out to the enemy, where Natches saved her. But Chaya didn’t knew that in the meantime her husband was getting their young daughter into enemies territory and both were killed in an unexpected bombing. Now they discovered the connection of that terrorist group to the town where Natches lives, even tying the connection to some of his family members. It’s up to Chaya and her agents to find out who is involved, but soon her life is in danger and Natches will do anything to save the woman he loves.

Of course we’ll see Natches’s cousins Rowdy and Dwag again, doing their best to keep their cousin save from their invisible enemy. But they are not the only ones helping Natches, Uncla Ray and his wife Maria and Kelly & Crista are there too.

What I really like about this series is the bond between the three cousins Rowdy, Dwag and Natches. You could say that they are brothers; each of them would do anything for the other two, even if that means putting their own life at stake. In this novel we also see Natches’s sister Janey MacKay, just briefly and I know the next novel will be about her. I already know she had a pretty hard life and that Natches did everything in his power to protect his baby-sister from their abusive father. So I’m curious to see what happened with her.


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