donderdag 15 oktober 2009

Rachel Vincent - My Soul to take

After the car accident that has killed her mother and nearly killed her, she was left with her uncle and aunt by her father. Now Kaylee is a teenager, but she has a gift or curse, that depends how you see it. She can sense when someone around her is going to die and when she sees that she has the urge to scream. And Kaylee will do anything to prevent that from happening, because the last time she screamed, her uncle and aunt took her to the Mental Health Institution.

But everything seems to be okay, no more panic attacks, as she calls them. But then one night Kaylee and her best friend Emma sneak into a dance club. The night is going well and even the hottest guy on school Nash has all eyes for Kaylee, but then the moment she lays eyes on a young girl with that black aura around her, she knows it’s all going to happen again, this young girl is going to die…soon.

For some strange reason Nash is the one who can calms her down, before the screaming starts and it even gets worst, when he doesn’t seem turned off by her strange behaviour. Kaylee wonders why he really wants to be with her, does he knows something she’s not?

My Soul to take by Rachel Vincent is her first novel in her Young Adult series, the Soul Screamer. I’ve read the prequel just recently and was very curious to see what would happen to Kaylee after her breakdown and wonder what she really was. Well I can tell you that it will come clear in this first novel.

Kaylee is a strong determined young woman and she has something inside her, something she doesn’t really want, but cannot get rid off. She doesn’t understand it and really think she is loosing her mind. But when the panic attacks get worse and the only person who can calm her during these attacks is the hottest guy in school, Nash Hudson. But what she doesn’t understand is why he’s doing this, she is beautiful, like her best friend Emma or her cousin Sophie, she is just a normal girl.

Then young women are mysteriously dying and Kaylee predicts all of this with her premonitions and knows she has to do something to save the next girl. She turns to her Aunt, but is easily dismissed. But then she overhears her Uncle and Aunt talking to her father on the phone, something about telling her the truth about herself. She is furious and is determined to find out what is going on. But she needs to know now and cannot wait for her father to arrive from Ireland, so she turns to her new boyfriend Nash and what he tells her is something she can hardly believe.

I have to say this novel was a real surprise, I knew that is was going to be a young adult but I didn’t mind at all. The mystery behind Kaylee and her powers, her determination to solve the death of these young girls and even save some is so fabulous, that I couldn’t put the book down, the pages were flying by. I truly can say I enjoyed the book.


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