vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Vivi Anna - The vampire's quest

Vampire and bomb specialist Kellen Falcon, one of the members of the Otherworld Crime Unit (OCU) is diagnose with the rare blood disorder Sangcerritus. Kellen is determined to live and spend all of his free time to learn more about this disease. Kellen learns that there are two doctors in the world who are experts and he even heard rumors of a cure. So Kellen travels to the Otherworld European City, because one of the Doctors has his practice there.

When Kellen arrives and is waiting for his appointment with Dr. Bueller, he recognizes the ticking sound of a bomb, he is able to save the receptionist with his body, but the bomb has killed all the others. Inspector Bellmonte leads this investigation and first believe Kellen is the prime suspect, but soon discover they need his expertise to catch the bomber.

So Kellen has to work with Lycan Sophie St. Clair to pick up the pieces of the bomb and see if they can find the maker. Kellen feels attracted to Sophie, but knows that they cannot get involved with each other.

The vampire’s quest by Vivi Anna is the last novel in her Valorian Chronicles. I was surprise to see that this novel was different from the previous one. The caught the killer from the first three novels, but with Kellen being sick and needing to find a cure to live, Vivi Anna move the whole story to France where another Crime team takes the lead.

It was great to see the switch from the States Necropolis to Europe Noveveau Monde, both cities full of paranormal creature, but yet so differently. In the States humans fear the vampires, lycans and witches, when in Europe they are living together.

Kellen Falcon was not a leading character in the other novels, only the scary vampire who scare the hell out of the women, but now we know the reason why he acted that way. Kellen has the rare blood disease and no matter how much new blood you take, this disease will kill you slowly. So he travels half around the world to see a doctor who could cure him, if the rumors are true. But Kellen ends up investigating this doctor’s death and catching a terrorist killer on the way. The attraction between Kellen and Sophie is huge, but both deny their feelings for several reasons; Sophie’s family will never accept a vampire in their lycan family and Kellen’s disease makes it difficult to make plans for the future. But we all know that love has a mind of its own.

I really believe this novel is a great ending to this series, most of the team members of the Otherworld Crime Unit have found the love of their life and I loved reading them.


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