donderdag 22 oktober 2009

Vivi Anna - Blood secrets

In the Black Heart Hotel, downtown in Necropolis a dead body was found, a young woman Lillian Crawford with her throat sliced open, but the strangely there is almost no blood at the crime scene. The otherworld Crime Unit is called in to investigate the murder, the team consisting chief the vampire Caine Valorian, werewolf Jace Jericho, witch Lyra Magic and vampire Kellen Falcon. They soon discover the killer has to be a vampire because the found some bite marks on the body, but the amount of blood missing is inexplicable, no vampire can take that much of blood.

Because the victim is human and found in an otherworld city, the human police insist on bringing in their own investigator to help them catch the killer. So Eve Grant volunteers for the job, not knowing what she get her into. The crime team isn’t happy to add a human investigator to their team; they all have bad experience with humans. But Eve proves to be a fabulous investigator with some great contacts.

Caine has another problem, he is attracted to Eve and he knows a relationship between the two species is never going to work. But when the killer sets his eyes on Eve, Caine is determined to keep Eve safe.

Blood secrets by Vivi Anna is the first novel in her Valorian Chronicles and I have to say it was definitely a surprise how I enjoyed reading this book. The storyline is a mix of vampires, werewolves and witches and one of the best TV series of all times CSI, well what more could a girl ask for.

The captain of the Crime unit is the vampire Caine Valorian. When his team is called in by department captain Mahina Garner, a werewolf herself, they didn’t have a clue what to expect. Not only will the find out that the victim is human, but they will have to work with a human investigator to catch the killer. Well none of the team members were looking forward to that, but Eve Grant turns out to be a fabulous investigator with some great hacker’s skills. The moment Caine and Eve meet, there is a vibration between them. But they both know the relationship cannot work, the human world isn’t happy living with paranormal creatures. Eve is determined to convince Caine otherwise and let him see they belong together, no matter what species they are.

Because CSI is one of my favorite TV series, I know now why I loved this book. Caine Valorian is exactly the Grissom of his unit, calm but determined to get the job done. I cannot wait to read Dark Lies and see what will happen with Jace Jericho.


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