donderdag 15 oktober 2009

Lora Leigh - Nauti nights

Eight years ago Crista Jansen and James “Dwag” MacKay has spent a fabulous night together, but Crista knew Dwag was to drunk to remember and she left him before he woke up. Not able to understand what her body and mind were telling her; she leaves town knowing she cannot accept Dwag strange lifestyle... But now she’s been back home for a year and her feelings for him haven’t change at all.

Dwag MacKay has a crush on Crista for as long as he can remember, but she left town eight years ago. All those years’ dreams are hunting him and it’s driving him crazy. But now she is back and when he finds her at a crime scene, where she shouldn’t have been, he knows he finally have the opportunity to make all his dreams come true.

But will Crista take the bait?

Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh is the second novel in the Nauti series and as fabulous as the first novel. We all know Lora Leigh writes some pretty steamy stuff and this novel is full of it.

We’ve met Dwag in the first novel, where he and his two cousins Rowdy and Natches are living every men dream, sharing women with each other. But recently Rowdy fells in love and couldn’t share his woman with his cousins. Dwag couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but strangely he understands what Rowdy was saying, especially when Crista Jansen walks back into his life. But Crista isn’t happy about the whole thing, eight years ago she left town because she couldn’t be a part of the MacKay cousins and she knew Dwag would share her. Dwag cannot even remember the night they spend together. But being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a good opportunity for Dwag to lure Crista to his boat and right into his bed.

Of course we see Rowdy MacKay; his fiancé Kelly and Natches MacKay, the rumors still goes round in town, that the cousins share their women. But nothing is as it seems, although Natches wouldn’t mind spending the night in Crista’s bed, but he knows she don’t want it.

After reading the first novel and loving it, I couldn’t resist myself and ordered the second book. Well I’m not regretting it, it’s fabulous; the sex is hot and steamy and the relationship between the cousins is great. Whenever one of the other needs help, they give it without asking why.
I know Natches will be next and I don’t have to tell you that I’m looking forward to read about him.


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