vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Gena Showalter - Intertwined

Aden Stone is not a normal teenage boy, as long as he can remember; he has four souls trapped inside his body. One of the souls can show him the future, the second soul can possesses another human being, the third one can time travel but only back in time and the last one can accidentally raise the dead when walking near a grave. Aden has seen several doctors, because everyone thinks he is crazy just talking to himself, when in fact he is talking to his souls. But lately Aden is getting tired of them and he needs to find a way to free the souls so he can live a normal life.

Then he meets Mary Ann Gray and whenever she is around the four souls are quiet and peace full. Mary Ann is Aden’s opposite; she has a lot of friends, is a good girl and never gets into trouble. The only thing they have in common is that they both lost their mother at an early age. But that doesn’t stop them to build a friendship between them. Together they try to find a way to release the souls within Aden.

Intertwined by Gena Showalter is her first Young Adult novel and after reading a lot of other stuff by her, I was curious to see what this novel would be like and I have to say I like it.

Young teenager Aden lives his whole with four souls trapped inside his body, everyone around him thinks he is crazy, because he talks a lot to himself, but of course he is talking to his companions. Finally he got a place on a ranch just outside of town, where young delinquent are living. He can convince his supervisor to send him to school, where he meets Mary Ann, the only person who can quiet the souls inside him. At first Mary Ann is a little skeptic about the truth, but soon enough discovers that there are more creatures living on this Earth. Aden and Mary Ann meet werewolf shape-shifter Riley, who becomes really protective of Mary Ann and vampire princess ……..which Aden can’t resist and soon they are on a journey into this new world, hoping to find answers to Aden’s past and his connection to Mary Ann.

The relationship between the four teenagers is fabulous and the way Aden interaction with the four souls Eve, Caleb, Elijah and Julian is so funny to read. They really want what is best for Aden, especially Eve she is the only female and a real mother to all the others. I do hope Aden can find a way to set all of them free. Let say I’m really looking forward to the next book and see what will happen next.


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