vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Vivi Anna - Veiled truth

The serial killer who terrorizing Otherworld city Necropolis is still on the loose. The Otherworld Crime Unit (OCU) team haven’t a clue who is could be, but investigator and which Lyra Magice begins to fear they are facing something more powerful they ever seen. They found several demon spells on the victims and to break those, she needs a special book. So Lyra travels to France and try to convince Dhampir Theron LeNoir to borrow them the book, so they can stop this killer. But Theron doesn’t want the book out of his home and refuse, so the only thing for Lyra to do is….steal it….

Back in Necropolis, Lyra is desperately trying to break to spell, but for some reason she cannot see the answer and when Theron shows up to collect his book, she knows she is running out of time. But then Theron surprise her and agrees to help Lyra with the spell, only if he can work close with her. Soon Theron discover that Lyra is the key sacrifice in this whole game, she is the key to open Hell’s door, where evil demons could cross over.

Veiled Truth by Vivi Anna is the third novel in her Valorian Chronicles and again a terrific novel in this CSI book series. Just like the previous novels I couldn’t put the book down and had to finish it straight away.

The novels in this series are easy to read and you could read the books without reading the previous books, but I have to say, I recommend reading the books in the right order, because you‘re missing out a fabulous books if you skip the first two.

This time investigator and witch Lyra Magice travels to France to convince Theron LeNoir to borrow the OCU his book, which could lead to reveal the serial killer. But because the book is very old Theron doesn’t want it to leave his home and refuse. Well Lyra is desperate to break the spell and steal the book. Of course she knows he will come after her, but she hopes to convince him to help them with this case and so he does. Theron wanted Lyra for so long and this is the opportunity to convince her that she belongs with him, only him. And when Theron discovers that Lyra is the sacrifice in this whole game, he will do anything in his power to prevent that to happen.

The attraction between Lyra and Theron was there from the start, totally hot and steamy. They met in the past and Theron really wanted to have Lyra, but she didn’t want to be one of the many women in his life and refused his bed. Now several years later that attraction is still there and when even Lyra’s dead grandmother ghost are helping fate a little, Lyra knows she is doomed….to fall in love with Theron.

I know there is only one book left in this series and I have mixed feelings. One part of me wants to read that novel really bad…I know for sure its going to be a fabulous one and the other part of me wants to delay it, because when I’m done this great series is over…..hmmmm…difficult choice…


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