maandag 7 juli 2008

Annmarie McKenna - Seeing eye mate

Caelan Graham is a shape shifter and the prime leader of his pack. Lately several female mates from various pack has been murdered and it’s his duty to find the killer shape shifter before it is too late. During a night out with his twin brother Eli, he meets his destined mate Tieran Jones. Caelan would like nothing more to claim his mate, but time is running out because he knows the murderer’s ultimate target would be the mate of the pack prime.
But Caelan doesn’t know Tieran has a special gift, she prefer to hide.

Tieran Jones has a psychic gift, she is getting visions from time to time and the last time she helped the police it didn’t work out that fine. So she is living alone in the old house, she inherited from her grandmother when she died, who happens to be the same grandmother she is speaking to for the last past 10 years. One night she’s having car problems and she meets Caelan and his twin brother Eli, she feels immediately attracted to Caelan but doesn’t want anything to do with him

But Caelan ignores Tieran’s pleas and claims her as his mate. When Caelan discovers Tieran’s secret, he knows she’s in great danger and will do anything to protect her from the killer. Tieran’s visions might be the only way to catch the killer, but when Tieran’s visions points out that Caelan’s brother is the killer, he cannot believe it. Will Caelan believe and choose his mate or save his brother?

Caelan Graham is the pack leader and doesn’t want to find his mate right now, especially when there is a killer on the run, murdering female mates. He knows his mate will be the ultimate target for the killer, but when he meets Tieran and discovers she is his destined mate, the only thing on his mind is claiming her and protects her from any harm.
Tieran Jones is a strong and independent woman with a special gift. Since she was a little girl she has visions and she can even talk to her grandmother, who happens to be dead for the past ten years. When she meets Caelan and his twin brother Eli, she knows her life would never be the same again.

As secondary characters you find Tieran’s amazing grandmother who wants to do anything to see her granddaughter happy, even if it means a wolf shape shifter as her mate. Eli Graham; the twin brother of Caelan who would do anything to protect the mate of his brother, even if she thinks he is the killer. And last but not least Caelan’s parents who both help Tieran adapt to the life of the pack family.

Seeing Eye Mate by Annmarie McKenna is the first novel in the Mates series and I have to say it is a steamy one. It is a shape shifter tale with a lot of hot and steamy love scenes, I know the alpha males in a wolf pack are sexual, but my oh my…the sparkles are flying from the pages during the steamy love scenes.

This novel was the first one I read by this author and I had a great time reading it. Let just say I’m curious enough to read the next one.


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