woensdag 16 juli 2008

Jacquelyn Frank - Damien

Damien, the Prince of all vampires, rules his people with an iron fist. He wants the best for his people; even if this means that he has to put his own needs to the backgrounds. Vampires are known to be cold and ruthless, so Damien accepts that he will never find a mate. During the last battle against Demon traitor Ruth, they discovered a library full of books with the histories of the Nightwalkers. Now all Nightwalkers, Lycanthropes, Demons, Shadowdwellers and vampires are working together to research these books. By working together instead of fighting, they hope the bond between the races can grow even stronger. Damien decides to go to the library just because he is curious to see what they will discover.

Syreena, the Lycanthrope princess and the sister of Sienna has many gifts and can shift into different forms. Sienna asks her to be guard of the library and of course she can refuse her sister and agrees, not knowing she would meet the arrogant vampire prince Damien again. But when Syreena is attacked and captured by traitor Ruth, it is Damien who comes after her and rescues her.

Damien and Syreena both know they are not meant for each other, but cannot ignore the strong attraction between them. For the first time in his long life Damien experience how it feels to love someone, but not anyone… his mate. But there are some people who will make sure their relationship will fail.

Damien by Jacquelyn Frank is the fourth novel in The Nightwalkers series and I don’t have to say out loud, that it is another great novel in this series. I just love the way Jacquelyn Frank mingles the different species together with the danger and the romance.

The main-characters Damien and Syreena already meet each other briefly in Elijah’s book and from that moment Damien believes Syreena is special. Because vampires don’t mate for life, Damien stays away from Syreena and goes on with his life. Nevertheless Destiny has other plans for them and let them fall in love with each other, even though not everyone is happy about that and will try to destroy their relationship.

I really love the returning secondary characters from the previous novels. Sienna, Syreena’s sister and Queen of the Lycanthrope and her husband Elijah. Noah, King of the Demons and a good friend of Damien. Of course we find some new characters, Tristan, leader of the Shadowdwellers and his sister. Female vampire Jasmine, who is the right-hand and close friend of Damien. She’s been in Damien’s life for five hundred years and knows him really good. She is not happy to see him with Syreena, but cannot ignore the fact that Syreena makes him happy.
And the traitor Ruth is still plotting her attack on all The Nightwalkers and she will do anything to hurt them.

I honestly can say I’m a huge fan of Jacquelyn Frank and her Nightwalkers. When I read one of her books, it pulls me right in and I find myself trapped in a world full of danger, betrayal, gorgeous alpha males and romance.
I cannot wait till Noah’s story comes out and see what she has in store for him.


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