woensdag 16 juli 2008

Toni Blake - Tempt me tonight

Trish Henderson returns to her hometown to help her parents to close and sell their diner. She wants it done as quickly as possible, because there is one person she doesn’t want to run into. Joe Ramsey, her highschool sweetheart broke her heart many years ago and Trish left for college and never looked back. Now Trish is living in Indy, works as an attorney and could even be partner in a short time. When she runs into gorgeous Joe Ramsey the very first night out, all the emotions and pain from the past come back. So she decides it is time for payback, one passionately night together sould do it and then she would leave and never look back.

Joe Ramsey, a succesfully car mecanic and owner of a garage cannot believe his eyes when he runs into Trish Henderson. She is still the most beautifull woman he has ever seen and knows she is the one he still loves. Joe is determined to make up for the wrongs in their past and show Trish she’s the only woman for him. At first Trish refuses his advances, so Joe becomes even more persistent to seduce her once again.

Just when the two of them have put the past behind them, it seems to come right back. Is their relationship strong enough to survive it this time?

The main-characters Trish and Joe are a perfect fit. They were highschool sweethearts and their relationship was strong and solid, but one little mistake on Joe’s behalf destroyed everything. Now several years later they face each other again and the huge attraction is still there. Trish is still hurt and cannot put her heart on the line again, but Joe determination is huge and he will do anything to let Trish see, she’s the only woman he loves and wants.

As secondary characters we see Trish’s parents, who decided to sell their diner they have for years and retire on their farm. The two best friends of Trish and Joe are determined to see them back together and finally be happy again.

Tempt me tonight by Toni Blake is a great novel with a terrific storyline. The way she wrote this story is fabulous, just a story you can find in the real life. This novel lured me into a world full of passion, hurt and true love. I could really relate myself with Trish and Joe and their difficulties. I fell for Trish with her pain, but also understood the determined of Joe to do anything for the love of his life.

I can truly say this first novel I read by Toni Blake was one that kept me enthralled. I will definitely read some more of her work.


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