maandag 7 juli 2008

Christina Dodd - Touch of darkness

Rurik Wilder is the second son of Konstantine and Zorana Wilder. One millennium ago his ancestor, the first Konstantine Varinski made a deal with the devil, leaving his male descendants suffer ever since. Just like his father and brothers Rurik can shift into an animal, Rurik ability is to change into a hawk. After visiting his family during the holidays Rurik Wilder is heading back to his just discover ancient crypt, believing this could be the tomb that holds all the answers and maybe the second piece of the icon to break the curse that is destroying his father’s live. When he arrives at the scene he discovers Tasya Hunnicutt is back.

Tasya Hunnicutt is a photographer and is hired to take pictures of the ancient crypt, but she has a hidden agenda. Ever since her parents were killed, she sworn to take revenge on their murders the Varinki’s and she believe that somewhere in the tomb, she will find some answers. But she never expected to bomb into her ex-lover Rurik Wilder and discovers that the huge attraction between them is still there.

When the both of them working together in the tomb to uncover some hidden traps, they find themselves lock into the tomb by some Varinki’s, who wanting to blow up the entrance of the cave, not knowing Rurik and Tasya are still in there. They barely make it out and are now running for their life; hopefully they will reach the Wilder’s home just in time.

The chemistry between Rurik and Tasya is tremendous from the moment the meet each other. Rurik Wilder is a strong young male, who is determined to find a way to break the curse by finding the second piece of the icon. So when he meets Tasya again at the tomb, he knows he is one step closing to succeed. The only thing he has to do is convince Tasya, she is the only woman for him. But Tasya has a secret that she carries along with her, and the moment Rurik finds out, he fears their relationship will not last if she finds out he a descendant of the Varinki’s.
Tasya Hunnicutt is a photographer and is working in the tomb, where she hopes to find some answers to get the truth about the Varinki’s. Who happens to be the same family who murdered her parents years ago. So when she finds the second pieces of the icon, she is determined to get the truth out in the open, not knowing that when she does that the man she loves and his entire family will be dead.

As secondary characters we have Konstantine and Zorana Wilder, Rurik’s parents and the spill of the family. Jasha, the eldest son has the ability to change into a wolf and his wife Ann. Firebird, the only daughter of the Wilder family and a real miracle because she is the only female born in over a thousand years.

Touch of darkness by Christina Dodd is the second novel in the Darkness Chosen series and again I loved it. After reading the fist novel I knew I had another addiction in my hands, this series lured me into a world full of danger, gorgeous shape shifters and a curse to break.

The next novel in line will be Into the shadow and happens to be Adrik’s story. And I have to say I’m curious to find out more about him. He is the only son didn’t live by the rules of their father and left the family, will he be able to hold the darkness away or give in?


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