woensdag 2 juli 2008

Anthology - Mysteria

“Mortal in mysteria”
Harmony Faithfull is the new pastor in Mysteria, but her services are still empty, although everyone in town treats her nicely. Then one morning she asks for a sign from above and finds Damon naked in her back yard. Damon happens to be a demon, before Lucifer punished him for his kindness towards humans and sent him back to earth as a human.
Can Damon help Harmony to get her little church full of people and convince her it’s not a bad thing to fall in love with an ex-demon.

“Alone wolf”
Cole Jones is a werewolf who’s raised by humans. But now it is time to find out some information about his real family. So he ends up in a little town called Mysteria where he meets Charlene “Char” Houtenam when he buys a haunted house. Cole feels immediately the huge attraction between them, but Char has a secret of her own. Will Cole stay with her when he finds out?

“The witches of Mysteria and the dead who love them”
Genevieve Tawdry is one of the three witch sisters and she has a huge crush on Hunter since she was a teenager. But Hunter only tread her like a good friend, so hopefully one of her sister’s love poison should do the trick.
Hunter is not a normal human; he is psychic and hunts the dead. When a vision shows him that the woman he secretly loves will be the cause of his death.
Can Hunter and Genevieve find a way to prevent it?

“Candy Cox and the big bad werewolf”
Candace “Candy” Cox is the local teacher and totally human. She is tired of her life and wants some changes, so when she gets an offer to move to Denver she seriously thinking about it. But her close friend Godiva Tawdry, one of the witch sisters believes she just needs a good werewolf.
Justin Woods is a werewolf who happens to be a former student of Candy and way much younger. But that doesn’t stop him form seducing Candy and show her the heaven and the stars in it. Can their relationship survive the age different?

Mysteria has all the right ingredients for an anthology, the magic, love, romance and lots of humour, that leave several smiles on my face when I read the book.
I can truly say I had a great time reading this novel and will definitely want to read the next novel of the little town Mysteria and the magical people who live there.


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