maandag 7 juli 2008

Jessica Benson - The accidental duchess

Lady Gwen marries Lord Bertie Milburn, who she has been betrothed to since the day she was born. But on her wedding night she discovers, she hasn’t married Lord Bertie, but his twin brother Harry instead. Furious and humiliated she refuses to consummate the marriage, so Gwen shows Harry the door, even though he stirs her blood in a way no man ever did before.

Harry Cambourne Milburn, the future Duke of Winfill has a crush on Gwen since they were young. So when he gets the opportunity to marry her, he doesn’t hesitate. But on the wedding night he refuses to tell Gwen the reason for the switch, but share the though she should talk to her bossy mother. The only thing Harry wants to do is to consummate the marriage as soon as possible, but several interruption interfere with his plans.

When Gwen discovers that her parents blackmailed Harry into marrying her, because Bertie had not returned from his journey, she is disappointed and hurt. But she cannot ignore the sparkles in her belly every time Harry touch or kiss her. Will Harry love her, just the way she became to love him?

The Accidental Duchess by Jessica Benson is a fun novel to read. This story is entertaining with a good dose of humour. The journey Harry and Gwen are taking is rough, their relationship starts on the wrong foot, but along the way they learn to trust and love each together. When finally the rightful groom arrives, Gwen knows she doesn’t love him; the only man for her is Harry.

This novel is written in the first person, but I didn’t find it confusing, once you get used to it, the novel is easy to read. The only confusing part was, the switch parts of the two brothers.


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