vrijdag 8 februari 2008

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Moon´s fury

Since her teens Carlotta “Cara” Salinas has been the Alpha female wolf of the Texas Red Wolf pack. Carlotta is currently the acting sheriff of Tedford County and she loves it. One night she rescues a little girl and her mother by using her magical power, not knowing it might leave evidence for the outside world to find, luckily for her Wolven special agent Will Kendee is there to help. But when she receives the message that the head of the Wolven agency is on his way to see her, fear rushes through her. Will she be punished for her action?

Former cop Adam Mueller is the second in command of the Minneapolis pack, that recently have been noticed by humans during a hunt. The council members have decided to split the pack in two and send some of them to join Carlotta’s Red Wolves. So Adam was sent ahead to contact the pack leader to discuss this matter, not knowing it would be a trap.

Cara is not pleased with the message she gets from Lucas Santiago, the head of the Wolven, allowing the new timber wolves to join her pack. But whatever the council decides is the law; Adam and Cara are expected to follow the rules. Soon the two of them have more to worry about than the two wolves packs joining each other. Some rogue raptors and birds are kidnapping young human girls for science. Apparently in the near future she, the greatest snake of all eternity, will be born again. Will Adam and Cara be able to rescue their new pack and the missing girls?

Moon’s Fury by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is already the fifth novel in the Tales of the Sazi. This series has me captivated from the first novel and it still does. The mix of several shape shifters, human friends, family and of course “the bad guys” makes it all worthwhile.

The attraction between the main-characters is there from the first moment they meet and is only getting stronger further along in the book. You really can say the sparkles are flying around the moment Cara is in heat.

Adam Mueller is a gorgeous alpha male and second in command of the Minneapolis pack. When the pack has been noticed by humans during a hunt, there is no other solution that to split the pack in two. So Adam travels to Texas to meet the pack leader of the Red Wolves and discuss the matter to join their packs. But what Adam doesn’t know is that there is a price on his head, someone wants him dead desperately.
Carlotta Salinas is a strong alpha female and isn’t afraid to stand up and speak her mind. When she gets a visit from the head of the Wolven agency, Lucas Santiago, she is not thrilled with the message. Joining two different wolves in one pack could be trouble and only a strong alpha male or female will be able to control them. Although the moment she meets Adam it doesn’t matter anymore, he is the one who turns her world upside down.

Just like the previous novels there are some very interesting secondary characters. Lucas Santiago, temporally head of the Wolven agency and one of the most powerful Sazi alive is guiding Adam in Texas and helping to find out who wants Adam dead. A good friend of Adam and Cara, Wolven agent Will Kendee a bird shape shifter, comes along to help find the missing human girls. Josef Isaacson, pack leader of the Minneapolis pack, has a hidden agenda. Will Isaac be the enemy Adam is looking for? Furthermore, one of my favourite characters in this series Tony Giodone, now a Wolven agent and assassin, received an order from Lucas to discover the traitor in the Minneapolis pack by using his new gift.

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp have written a terrific series I can tell you that for sure. The world they created is sensual, complicated and wonderful and I’m one of their biggest fans. It’s one of the few series that is just getting better and better. Every book will keep you reading for hours and when you finish the book, you just want to go to the next one.

Love, loyalty and companionship, this novel will show this all to you with some great shape shifters.


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