zondag 17 februari 2008

Paula Quinn - Lord of Seduction

When they are just children Lady Tanon Risande and Prince Gareth ap Owain meet each other at the court of King William. Lady Tanon lives there and was being tutored in all the qualities necessary for a lady of nobility. Gareth was visiting the king with his uncle and brothers in effort to keep the peace between their countries. From the first meeting with the ap Owain family Gareth was the only one who smiled and showed kindness toward her and even saved her from a bullying playmate.

Now twelve years later they meet again, ever submissive to her King’s wishes Tanon has agreed to marry Gareth. But she is very distrustful of Gareth and hesitant to leave her family. Gareth does not seem to be the same boy she remembers, he is now the leader of strange country whose battlefield skills are ruthless and he is the enemy. Will she be able to find the way to his heart and find peace in his country?

Gareth visit King William’s court to reclaim his right in marriage. He is willing to marry Tanon in the hope that there will be peace around the border between England and Wales. Gareth knows he will not be able to give her the life she had so far, but he will do anything in his power to protect her and even make her happy. But above all he wants peace for his people. Only there are enemies who will do anything to keep this alliance from working even if this means at the cost of the band between Gareth and Tanon.

Lord of Seduction is the last novel in this trilogy. Just like the previous two novels Paula Quinn again lures me into a world full of romance, love and betrayal. It didn’t surprise me at all when I started this book and find myself finishing it a few hours later. It is just amazing how Paula Quinn can get your attention and holding it all the way till the end.

Tanon Risande is a young woman who possesses a strong sense of duty to serve her King and country and it keeps getting stronger on her way through life. After several years Tanon meets Gareth again the only boy who was nice to her in their childhood. Now married to him she is determined to find the boy within the man and fall in love all over again.
Gareth ap Owain is a gorgeous prince who is determined to find peace for his people, even if this means he has to marry a woman from their enemies. He remembers Tanon as a funny little girl who grew up to be a very beautiful woman. Will their love be strong enough to keep the peace between their countries?

As for the secondary characters we find some old friends from the previous novels. Tanon’s parents Lady Bryanna & Lord Brand Risande, her Uncle Lord Dante & Aunt Lady Gianelle from the second novel. Of course King William is present as well. But the one I really liked was Madoc, best friend and second in command of Gareth, who appears to be someone else then what you expected. And last but not least Cedric, Gareth’s evil brother who will do anything to stop the alliance.

Paula Quinn has written this passionate love story and I really love it. She really knows how to use the combination of historical medieval and romance into one novel. I really can say she’s definitely one of my favourite historical authors.


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