woensdag 13 februari 2008

Lara Adrian - Kiss of crimson

Thousands years ago an alien race called the Breed vampires settle themselves on earth among the human race. Nobody knows they exist but now the Breed are in the middle of a civil war with the Rogues, whom are vampires who have given over their minds and bodies to the bloodlust. An army full of Rogues wants to dominate the world but find the Breed warriors standing in their way ready to destroy them.

On a night Dante, one of the Breed warriors, is chasing a Rogue vampire who lures him into an ambush. Dante is badly wounded and dives into the river to escape. But before the night is over he ends up at Tess Culver’s veterinary practice to rest and regroup. What Dante doesn’t know is that veterinarian Tess is still working late and when she hears a noise she comes to investigate and finds Dante badly injured on the ground. Her first thought is to call for an ambulance but badly wounded Dante is able to stop her. Desperately in need of human blood to heal, he drinks from Tess, before seeing the mark that proves Tess is a Breed mate, able to have children with vampires and lives eternally as long as she drinks blood from her mate. Dante is shocked when he sees the mark and the only thing he can do is to erase her memory and tries to forget her but he fails.

Tess Culver is a veterinarian and owns her own clinic. But what nobody knows is that Tess has a gift to heal with her hands, although she doesn’t use this gift. To her it is a curse and wishes she never got it. One night when she is still working late, she hears a noise in the back of the practice and goes to investigate it. Finally located the noise she finds a badly injured gorgeous man and wants to call for an ambulance. Before she knows it, he’s drinking her blood and disappears after erasing the memory of him from her mind.

The Breed warriors are investigating who’s supplies the Crimson drug to humans and Rogue vampires. This drug has a mild effect on humans, but for vampires the addict is such a high, turning them into killing machines. This is how Dante meets Tess again because she is somehow connected to the maker and supplier of the drug. And although neither Dante nor Tess wants it, she is now part of his dangerous world.

Kiss of Crimson is the second novel in the Breed series and again it is a fabulous one. Lara Adrian has really created a dark but powerful world that will keep your attention all the way through the book. The first moment I held the book in my hands it was really calling to me.

The main characters Dante and Tess are both strong personalities and so right for each other.
Dante is one of the Breed warriors who lives for centuries fighting their enemy with all he has got. But he is running from life itself, because in several dreams/visions he saw his own death, just like his father. When he meets his mate he cannot let her into his dangerous life and tries hard to avoid her, but nature is calling him to her. Will she be able to save him? Tess Culver is a veterinarian and has a gift she believes is a curse. She is able to heal human or animal just by using her hands, somewhere in the past she tried to use her gift but did not succeed. The moment she meets the gorgeous warrior named Dante she knows her life won’t be the same anymore.

The secondary characters in this novel are great. Lucan Thorne, the leader of the Breed and his wife Gabrielle are really great together. Then the other warriors Niko, Rio, Gideon and his wife Savannah, well you can see they all are very close at the compound. Chase a newcomer is this book; he is a former Special vampire agent and tries to help Dante to find the supplier of the drug. And last but not least Tegan, the deadliest warrior of them all…. God how this man gets under my skin from the first book and it keeps continuing in the second novel.

I believe the Breed series is definitely one of my favourite vampire series I’ve ever read. I don’t have to say this story contains all the stuff you need for a good vampire story, a huge and strong bond between the hero and his heroine, the badass enemy and some really gorgeous warriors who will fight and protect the innocence. The next in line is Midnight Awakening and just thinking it will be Tegan’s story my heart begins to beat like hell, knowing it won’t be long before I know what will happen to my favourite warrior.

Lara Adrian has become one of my favourite authors and definitely belongs on my bookshelves.


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