dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Sylvia Day - Passion for the game

For years Lady Maria Winter has been used and manipulated by her stepfather to abet his dirty schemes, otherwise she will never see her little sister again. With the help of her loyal friend Simon she hopes to find and reclaim her sister and disappears. But her stepfather has already another task for her; she has to get incriminating evidence of pirate Christopher St. John. And according to him this should not be hard, the only thing she has to do is to use her sensual body and intelligence to seduce Christopher and get all the information she needs. However, Maria didn’t suspect to be attracted to the pirate and find it hard to betray him.

Christopher St. John has recently been released from prison and to keep his freedom, he must seduce Lady Winter to learn all about her secrets, the death of her two husbands and more so that of her stepfathers. But right after the meeting between them, Christopher realize Maria is the perfect match for him and wonders if he can betray her to keep his own freedom.

Is their attraction and love strong enough to tell each other the true and find the solution to all their problems?

The relationship between the main-characters Maria and Christopher is hot and huge. From the first moment the two of them meet each other the sparkles are flying around. You almost can feel the heat flowing from the pages.
You definitely can sense that Maria is a very strong determined young woman. She will do anything to find a way to fight her stepfather and her ultimate goal is to locate her younger sister. Even if this means she has to seduce the very gorgeous pirate Christopher and betray him when her body cannot.
Christopher St. John is the notorious and gorgeous pirate, who has been released recently from prison but with a reason. He has to find a way to seduce Lady Winter and get all the information about her and the death of the two husbands. But Christopher cannot deny the way his body and mind reacts when he is near Maria.

With the novel “Passion for the game” Sylvia Day grabbed my attention again from the very beginning and when that happens I find myself finishing the book hours later. She definitely knows how to write a perfect historical romance with a lot of sexual tension. The firework between the main-characters huge and hot and the heat is steaming from the pages when they enter the bedroom.

Through the story you really find some great secondary characters like Simon, the former lover and close friend of Maria. He will do anything to keep her safe and find a way to locate her sister.
Philip the loyal servent of Christopher, who collects all the information about Maria and her sister for Christopher.

I truly can say that Sylvia Day wrote a terrific story about blackmail, romance, loyalty and love. She definitely will stay on bookshelf and hope she continues to write great novels.


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