maandag 11 februari 2008

Paula Quinn - Lord of temptation

Lord Dante Risande is a gorgeous rogue and has yet to meet a woman who did not desire him. But when he meets Gianelle, a beautiful slave she becomes the first woman to refuse him. When she is accused of murder Dante cannot let her face her fate alone, knowing that if he leaves her in the home of her late master horrible things will happen to her. Dante does the only thing he could do and buys Gianelle in order to protect her.

Born as a slave Gianelle Dejiat dreams about the day she’ll be free from her master. Because of her past she wants nothing to do with men, especially not this rogue with his silvereyes and irresistible smile. On the night she attempts her escape everything goes wrong. The gorgeous Lord Dante Risande discovers her as she tries to make her way out. But that is not all, she is accused of murder and all the evidence is pointing her way. The only way to escape all of this is to trust Lord Dante.

Now Dante has two problems to solve, first he has to discover who’s behind the murder of Lord Bryce Dermott, but he’s also working on finding proof who’s responsible for the murder of his sister.

Will he discover the truth on both cases?

Lord of Seduction is the second novel in the Risande trilogy by Paula Quinn. After reading the first novel about Dante’s brother Brand I was totally blown away by the two brothers and I was not disappointed when I finished this book. Dante was exactly the man I thought he would be, a big gorgeous rogue with his heart in the right place. Yet again Paula Quinn lures me into a world full of betrayal, romance and companionship.

Dante Risande is a strong gorgeous rogue who will do anything for his beloved and family. When his sister was killed he swore to find the killers and put them to justice. So when he meets Gianelle and she needs his help, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment.

Gianelle Dejiat is a strong, beautiful but determined woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to show it. She will do anything to find freedom for herself and her best friend Casey. But when trouble lurks around the corner she cannot refuse the help of the gorgeous Lord Dante.

The secondary characters are great. Balin, a friend of Lord Dante and Casey Gianelle’s best friend are lovely together. Then of course King William who we already met in the fist novel. Lord Brand, Dante’s brother and his wife Bryanna. And last but not least James, the almost blind man, God how many times this man put a smile on my face during the book.

Paula Quinn has written a tremendous story. This novel has all the important ingredients I look for in a historical story, romance, humour, loyalty, betrayal and companionship. I hope the last novel: Lord of Seduction is as much fun as the previous two novels. I’m really looking forward to read about Tanon Risande.


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