zondag 17 februari 2008

Jacquelyn Frank - Jacob

They look like humans but Demons really exist in the world with their own culture, values and laws. The ultimate rule of them all is to do no harm to humans especially during the full moon, but if the moon madness strikes Jacob, the enforcer will be there to bring those who cross the line to justice. When a Demon is summoned by a necromancer, he will be turned into a monster, forced to do its Master’s bidding it is Jacob’s job to track this monster en kill it. After several hundred years a demon is summoned and Jacob is tracking him.

Jacob has watched his people be swayed by the moon madness and saw many men and women follow the call. His job is to bring those to justice because it is against the law to mate with humans.
Performing his job tracking the monster he saves the life of Isabella who falls out of a window. But there is something special about Isabella, she suddenly smells sulphur and leads Jacob right to the monster who was transformed. Jacob fights the necromancer while the monster is chasing Isabella.
Not knowing exactly what to do Isabella trust her instinct and kills the monster using an iron pipe. Jacob cannot believe his eyes because no mortal should be able to do that. The only thing he can do is to take Isabella to his King and find the reason behind this. Hopefully before he looses his mind and let his heart takes over.

Isabella is a real bookworm, she loves to find information and following the facts wherever they may lead. But lately she feels restless and that is the reason she find herself falling out of a window when she is looking at the gorgeous man downstairs. Thanking the man who just saves her life she smells sulphur and follows the smell into a warehouse. Isabella cannot believe her eyes when she enters the warehouse. When Jacob fights with one Isabella finds herself fighting with the other, not knowing exactly what to do. She follows her instinct and succeeds to kill the monster, only to find her in a strange house in the morning.

Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank is the first novel in the Nightwalkers series and it is magnificent. She has created an intrigued civilization that is just amazing. The moment I began reading this novel it lured me into a world full of danger, love, demons and humans. I was very delighted to read a story so intense that it blew me of my feet. I could not believe it when I found myself finishing the book hours later.

The main characters Jacob and Isabella are both strong individuals. The relationship between them is tremendous, the sexual tension and build-up of emotions are great. Jacob, the Enforcer who lives for centuries fighting for justice among his people. His job is to bring those to justice who crosses the lines. Now he finds himself on the other side when he meets Isabella a human female who makes him feel things he never felt before. Will there be a way to be with the woman that he loves and protect his people? Isabella is a strong young woman who loves to work in the library and discovers new information and following the facts wherever they lead her. When she meets Jacob one night she cannot imagine it would turn her life upside down and finding herself in the middle of a demon world full of gorgeous men with great powers.

The secondary characters are strong and fabulous. The Demon King Noah is quite impressive and will do anything to keep his people save. Then there is Elijah who is the leader of the Warriors and fights the necromancers and is also a close friend of Jacob. Magdalena is Noah’s sister and the one who helps Isabella to find the truth about her background. And last but not least Gideon the greatest healer of the Demon people and one of the oldest among them.

I’m a really big fan of stories about vampires, shape shifters and demons and this one is definitely a keeper on my bookshelf. Of course I was sceptics at first after reading a lot of stories of this genre, but from the very beginning Jacquelyn Frank lures me into this new world full of gorgeous demons.
This novel contains all the ingredients, a strong hero and heroine, some great strong demon fighting for the better good. When I finished the book I was completely surprised to find the feeling to want to continue with this series and see what happens to all the others. Just knowing that Gideon’s story is next I don’t have to say that I’m looking forward to that.

Jacquelyn Frank will definitely stay on my bookshelves and deserves a place between my other favourite authors.


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