dinsdag 29 januari 2008

Sylvia Day - Pleasures of the night

Aidan Cross is the Captain of his elite team; he is the ultimate Dream Guardian. Aidan protects women from nightmares by entering their dreams and seducing them with erotic fantasies. The mission of his elite team is to find the Key that threatens to destroy his world. Not everyone believes the Key actually exists, but when the Elders asks him to enter Lyssa Bates dreams, he is not so sure anymore. He believes that Lyssa is the threat he and the other Guardians are looking for.

Lyssa Bates has not had a decent night of sleep in several years, simply because she cannot find a dream state that allows her to rest completely. She has an incredible ability to control her dreams by keeping them all in the dark. No Guardian and no Nightmare can come in but when a mysterious, sexy voice asks her to invite him in her dreams, she cannot deny him. Lyssa doesn’t know that from that moment her life will change completely.

Will Aidan be able to find out the truth about The Key before it is too late for the both of them?

The relationship between the main-characters Aidan and Lyssa got some firework of their own. From the moment they meet each other in Lyssa’s dreams the sparkles are flying around. You almost can feel the heat flowing from the pages. You can sense that Lyssa is a strong determined woman who knows what she wants in life but as long as she can remember she is fighting sleep. She is almost afraid to sleep and relax though the moment Aidan knocks on her dream-door and makes her experience the hottest erotic fantasies she ever dreamed, she knows she want him in her life. And when Aidan appears on her doorstep for real, it is a dream which comes true. Aidan Cross is the Captain of his elite team and the hottest Guardian there is, for centuries now he protects women from the Nightmares by fulfilling their dreams in an erotic way. When the Elders send him on a difficult mission, he cannot believe to find the love of his life.

With this first novel in the Guardian series Sylvia Day grabbed my attention from the moment I started reading and she held it all the way through until I closed the book. I can tell you this… Sylvia Day really knows how to write an erotic romance, the fireworks between the main-characters are flying around and the sensual heat is steaming from the pages.

Aidan’s determination to find the answers to his questions and protect Lyssa from the Nightmares and other dangers really got to me. Even if it means he has to give her up and put his life in danger to keep her safe. Well if that is not true love…then what is it? Lyssa’s answer to Aidan’s action puts a smile on my face when I read it, it’s just the same thing I would have done for the love of my life.

Through the story you really get to know the secondary characters like Connor and Philip. I cannot wait to read Connor’s story. Through this book he got my attention and made me curious about his life.

I truly can say that Sylvia Day will stay on my bookshelves between my other favorite erotica authors,
Pleasures Of The Night was the first book I’ve read by her and I can tell you this… It won’t be the last one. This book kept me reading hours after hours and filled my head with wild fantasies to dream about. I have only one thing to say…..Where is my Dream Guardian?

Extremely hot and sexy, this novel lures you into a dream full of fantasies; you’ll hope the dream will last forever.


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