woensdag 9 juni 2010

Jacquelyn Frank - Ecstasy

Trace, one of The Shadow dwellers discovers a plot which threatens his people. As an advisor to his rulers Tristan & Malaya and to his people he needs to find this traitor. So Trace pursues one of the conspirators into the Shadowscape, an empty world where the nights are endless. He is able to kill his enemy, but gets hurt in the process.

Ashla has been wandering in the dark for months now and doesn’t understand how she got there, not knowing she’s in a come for all those months. But then one night she ends up in a battle between two warriors. Because Ashla is human she shouldn’t be able to sense or see them, but luckily for Trace she can.

Ashla heals this gorgeous stranger with her touch, using her unusual gift. Trace knows he has found his equal and will do anything to find her…body and soul.

Ecstasy by Jacquelyn Frank is the first novel in the Shadow dwellers Series. We already met the rulers of the Dwellers in Jacquelyn Frank’s other series The Nightwalkers and I was curious to see how this world would turn out.

The Shadow dwellers are a race that cannot bare any kind of light, so they are living in the dark constantly. Only short periods of time they can spend them in the Shadowscape, the only place without light. But there is a price, if they stay there to long, they will loose themselves and go crazy.

Ashla and Trace are so different from each other. He is a creature of the dark and lives in a realm similar to us, but only beneath the Earth and in total darkness. Trace has had a horrible past, he’s been tortured by an evil woman and finds it difficult to trust any women, but for some reason this golden angel has touched his heart.
Ashla is his fragile golden angel with a gift, but she is not happy about it. Her own family thinks she’s an abomination and leave her in the hospital when she’s in a coma, not caring if the lives or not. So when she meets Trace in the Shadowscape she knows she has found someone who cares about her.

The attraction between Ashla and Trace is huge and it becomes clearly enough that Ashla will be Trace anchor in the Shadowscape because the madness is near. Not only accept Ashla Trace’s past and the way he is, but also his highly sexual needs.

I have to say the first part of the book is slow and full of information about the world setting and the race, but the second part is definitely better. I liked Trace and Ashla as a couple, both tortured by the past; they are able to find happiness and true love with each other.

I truly hope to see more of the ruler Tristan and his twin-sister Malaya, bodyguard Guinn and of course Trace’s foster father Magnus.


Aimee zei

I have yet to read anything by this author, and I don't know why. Her books look good!

Lady Caella zei

Oh you will like her books...don't hurry, you will read them eventually.

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