woensdag 9 juni 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Hold on tight

Navy Seal Chris Waldron and his team are in Africa to rescue the US Ambassador and his family from a hostile situation. But the operation didn’t quite go as it should be, because Navy Seal Kendall and FBI agent Miller are both killed in an explosion.

FBI special agent Jamie Michaels has been assigned to question Navy Seal Chris & Cam and find out what went wrong. Chris has some memory lapses from the explosion, but both men separately explain that it was FBI Josiah who ordered them not to enter the building and that Navy Seal Kendall disobeyed his command.

It’s hard for Jamie & Chris to stay away from each other, because they both remember the passion between them months ago when they go looking for her missing sister. Their new found relationship is under fire when Jamie’s boss informs her that FBI Miller didn’t die in the explosion but was shot between his eyes and Chris, who is a sharp sniper, is suspect number one.

Hold on Tight by Stephanie Tyler is the last novel in her Hard to Hold Trilogy and just like the previous two novels its one hell of a book. I have to say that since I’ve read Tyler’s Navy books I’m totally hooked to this genre. Who can refuse those hot strong men in uniforms, well I don’t.

Chris and Jamie met in Too Hot to Hold, when Jamie was after his brother Nick and went looking for her missing sister in Africa. Now she’s back in Chris’s life, investigating the situation Chris is in, but soon she discovers she cannot do this, because of her strong feelings for him.

Chris has always been the “weird” one of the three brothers because of his paranormal gift. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t close. There isn’t anything the three brothers wouldn’t do for each other, so when Chris is in trouble they will watch his back and get him trough this situation.

I really enjoyed reading this fabulous Trilogy about three brothers and their adventures. I love to read about their different background and the way they were brought together and became a family. I know there will be another Navy Trilogy with members of their team and I cannot wait to read those.


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