vrijdag 23 april 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Too hot to hold

Nick Devane was adopted by the Waldron’s when he was 14 years old. Nick has been neglected by his biological family and started to rebel, so the Waldron’s found a way to get him away and start a new life with them. Just like his adopted siblings Chris and Jake, he’s part of the Navy Seal team, he lives for danger and of course beautiful women.

Kaylee Smith was raised by her grandmother after he mother abandoned her. She works as a reporter under a pseudonym and is known to find the truth no matter what. Kaylee always believed that her ex-husband Aaron was killed during one of his missions in Africa, but when she receives a mysterious phone call from her “dead” husband she doesn’t know what to think. He wants to come to Africa to get him free by paying a huge amount of ransom money, not knowing that this trip will change her life forever.

Too Hot to Hold by Stephanie Tyler is the second novel in the Hard to Hold Trilogy and like the previous novel, one hell of a book. I’ve read a couple of Stephanie’s other Navy Seal books and she’s got me hooked from the start. She creates a world full of action, danger, sexual attraction and of course fears, one fabulous combination.

Kaylee meets Nick when she finds a list with names of military men in a safely deposit box of her dead husband. Because of that mysterious phone call, she decides to call or visit all these men to find out what happened to her husband. Is he really dead and someone is playing with her or is he still alive? She wants Nick to help her, but he refuses.

Nick eventually agrees to help her and travels with her to Africa, where danger lies in every corner of the jungle. Meanwhile at home his brother Chris covers for him and tries to keep FBI agent Jamie as far away from Nick as possible, not an easy job to do.

I already loved the interaction and huge bond between the three brothers Jake, Nick and Chris. Although they don’t share the same parents, that don’t mean they aren’t close, they would die or do anything for the others, no matter the situation.

The only thing for me to say is that this is one fabulous novel and I’m really looking forward to the last installment in this series.


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