woensdag 9 juni 2010

Rachel Caine - Midnight Alley

Claire Danvers is in trouble now that she has signed a contract that connects herself to the powerful vampire Amelia, in exchange for protection for herself, her friends and family. Amelia is the town’s founder and one of the scary vampires around. She gives Claire a bracelet to wear so everyone knows she’s under Amelia’s protection.

Claire will do anything to keep the bracelet hidden from her three friends Eve, Michael and Shane, but that isn’t ease because they all living together. But Claire will soon know why Amelia wants Claire under her protection and it hasn’t anything to do with blood donation. Claire will be the assistant to Myrnin, one of the oldest vampires around. He is a brilliant alchemist and scientist but also mentally unstable and very dangerous, so Claire has to watch her back constantly.

These researches Claire and Myrnin do can help the vampire population form insanity, but will Claire help them and betray humankind that way? In the meantime an underground newspaper in Morganville is determined to expose Michael as the newest vampire and kill him for good.

Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine is the third novel in her Morganville Vampire Series and just like the previous two, absolutely fabulous.

The friendship between Shane, Michael, Eve and Claire is strong, but Shane has a hard time dealing with the fact that Michael was turned into a vampire. But he is trying real hard to come to terms with it.

Eve’s evil brother Justin is back and is determined to get his revenge on her for turning him in and he found a perfect way to do just that, by dumping a dead body of a young girl in the backyard of the Glass House. So the suspicions will be on Shane and not him.

Of course the series wouldn’t be complete without Monica Morrell, the bully who messes around with Claire when she first started school. But now Monica wants to be on Claire’s side and we all know that doesn’t sound good.

This Young Adult series is one of the best in that genre and I’m pretty sure I would love all the other books next to come. I cannot wait to see what will happen with the four friends and their families.


Aimee zei

I love this series. I have yet to read the latest but I will get to it sooner or later.

Lady Caella zei

You're not the only one who still needs to read the latest book...but it's high on my TBr list...LOL...

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