donderdag 24 juni 2010

Ilona Andrews - Magic Bites

Kate Daniels is a mercenary and deals with some supernatural creatures when the magic falls. But Kate knows she’ll always be an outsider to her “colleagues” because she’s being vague about her past and inheritance. When her mentor Greg is murdered, Kate will do anything to find out who killed Greg, even if that means demanding answers from The Order, The Knights of Merciful Aid.

The Order agrees to let her lead the investigation, but she has to sign up and work for them. Soon Kate finds herself searching for a killer, who wants a war between the Pack of Shape shifters and the Vampires. Will Kate be able to settle down the rage between the Pack leader Beast Lord Curran and The Masters of the Dead?

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews is the first novel in her Kate Daniels Series and I have to say I like it…I like it a lot.

I never imagine being a fan of the Urban Fantasy Genre, because normally I want a happy ending at the end of the book. Most of the Urban Fantasy series are about one character and tell her story, but reading this book changes that for me. Now I want to see how the character grows and find the love of her life.

Kate Daniels is one hell of a character. She’s strong, determined and has her own magic, more powerful than others. Her inheritance is a secret to everyone and she wants to keep it that way. So if she spoils some of her blood on the scene, she will do anything to destroy her DNA.

Kate meets the Beast Lord Curran for the first time and knows she found someone who matches her in every point, but she won’t admit that to anyone. I know for sure that the huge attraction between them will grow in the future and hopefully will turn into a real relationship.

It’s a great novel with one supernatural kick ass chick. It will keep your attention and turning the pages until you’ve finished the book.

All I have to say that this is a fabulous beginning of a very good series and I know that I have a new addiction to add to my list.


Aimee zei

Oh Tash! I thought you had read this one before! This series is by far on my top three favorite series! Kate is fantastic and the writing is beautiful and witty and funny! I will share Curran with you, but with no one else!

Lady Caella zei

Hi Aimee, yeah I've read this one before...but re-reading isn't that bad...and I didn't wrote my review that is always an excuss to re-read...LOL...

*blows kisses* thanks for sharing Curran with me!!

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