maandag 23 november 2009

Shelly Laurenston - Here Kitty Kitty

Angelina Santiago is on her way to visit her two best friends Sara and Miki in California, when she’s kidnapped. Because her friends are finding evidence of a struggle, blood and some dead hyena shifters, they are expecting the worse, but that doesn’t stop them for looking for her. Angelina finds herself waking up in a huge house somewhere in North Carolina, in the territory of some Siberian tigers shifters. Even though she totally understands the two younger brothers for thinking they were saving her from those hyenas, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t mad and does everything in her power to let everyone feel her wrath.

Nik Vorislav is the eldest Siberian tiger brother and is totally in shock when he discovers what his two little brothers brought home with them. Okay, the woman is beautiful but mad as hell and it seems she is turning that anger all against him. But when he hears who Angelina’s friends are and that they are of the Magnus Pack, he knows they are in trouble, because Alpha leader Zach and his wife Sara will do anything in their power to get Angelina home safely.

Here Kitty, Kitty by Shelly Laurenston is the third novel in the Magnus Pack series and yet again a terrific novel.

When Angelina and Nik meet each other, they were not very friendly, especially Angelina. The moment she wakes up in Nik’s house and remembers what had happened, she is furious. No one in their right mind kidnapped her and get away with it. So she does everything in her power to get as far away from them as possible, but she didn’t expect to feel attracted to Nik and his tiger. She even forgives the two younger brothers, although she let them work for it.

I can only say that Shelly Laurenston wrote a terrific shifter trilogy and the moment you start reading them you’re going to fall in love with the characters and their families. The series is definitely funny and full of fabulous hot steamy scenes. I truly recommend this series to everyone who loves shape shifter with women who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and the one they love.


Ladytink_534 zei

I have to admit it certainly sounds interesting. I haven't read a good shifter book in awhile!

Lady Caella zei

Well if you look for a good shifter series, then you definitely need to read the Magnus Pack by Shelly Laurenston. All three books are fabulous.

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