dinsdag 10 november 2009

Shelly Laurenston - Pack Challenge

Sara Morrighan lives in a small town and she has no idea about the shifter community living there. She doesn’t even know she is one of them. Sara was in an accident when she was little and seriously injured, because she didn’t reached the age to shift yet, her wounds couldn’t heal properly. Now she is walking with a limp, but Sara also lost her parents in that accident, so she was raised by her grandmother who resented the Magnus Pack for talking her daughter away from her. So she kept Sara away from the pack and didn’t even tell her own granddaughter the truth about her heritage. Now her grandmother is dead and everything is about to change.

One of the Magnus Pack members Zach Sheridan’s life is about to change when he walks into a motorcycle shop in a small town. The owner of that shop is the alpha of the local pack, so he needs to ask permission, so he and the pack can stay in town for a few days. His eye catches the beautiful Sara and he cannot deny the huge attraction between them. So he invites Sara and her friends Miki and Angelina to their party, hoping to get to know Sara better.

When a pride of lions is about to attack and kill Sara, Zach knows he hast to reveal his secret to her and tell her all about her own heritage.

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston is the first novel in the Magnus Pack series and I really enjoy reading this novel. The storyline is great and has a fabulous dose of humor in it, which I like.

The relationship between the three friends Sara, Miki and Angelina is fabulous, they know each other for a long time and they would do anything to protect the others, even if that means standing up against a pack of wolfs or a pride of lions.

The relationship between Sara and Zach starts slow, but when Zach heal Sara’s limp, her conversion starts and she will become what she always was, a wolf. She is strong and very demanding, especially when it has something to do with Zach. Sara even takes over the alpha female position, because she doesn’t take no for an answer and nobody touches her man.

I know there are two more books in this series, so I cannot wait to read them. The second novel Go Fetch will be about Sara’s best friend Miki and Zach’s second in command Connall.


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