woensdag 16 december 2009

Kim Lenox - Night falls darkly

Elena Whitney cannot remember a thing about her past because of some accident. She doesn’t know that her savor Lord Black took her under his wings as his ward, but always made sure she didn’t see him, so Elena doesn’t know who he really is. Elena is determined to become a doctor and to help people, so she’s applying to schools, but being a woman makes it hard to get selected. On top of that the mysterious Lord Black has arrived and Elena is intrigued by Archer and falls madly in love with him.

Lord Black “Archer” is a member of the immortal Shadow Guards and it is his job to get rid of all kind of evil and at this moment he is chasing Jack the Ripper. Two years ago Archer saved Elena Whitney from the hands of a mad man. When he discovered that she couldn’t remember a thing from the attack and about her past, he took her in as his ward and provides her with everything she wanted.

But now it seems Jack the Ripper has sets his eyes on Elena. Archer knows he cannot be distracted and let his feelings for his ward be the end of them both. One thing is for sure, Elena will not be harmed by this maniac.

Night falls darkly by Kim Lenox is the first novel in her Shadow Guards series and I have to say it was good. I love the concept of using a part of Jack the Ripper in this novel.

Archer saved Elena when she was almost killed by a maniac and he proved her a home and loving servants to take care of her. Because he is a member of the Shadow Guards and is immortal, he knows he has to stay away form her. But when he is on a case and tries to catch Jack the Ripper in London, he cannot stay away from his home and comes face to face with Elena. She still cannot remember him being her savor all those years ago. The huge attraction between them cannot be ignored and when The Ripper sets his eyes on Elena, Archer will do anything in his power to keep her save from harm.

I’m glad that I discovered Kim Lenox when I was shopping for books to read, she is a new author to me, but definitely worth to discover. She wrote a fabulous book with Archer as a dark and mysterious hero and Elena as his heroine, a strong and determined young woman who wants to becomes the first female doctor.

I am definitely going to read the next book in this series, just to see if that one will be as good as this novel.


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