dinsdag 10 november 2009

Pamela palmer - Obsession untamed

Tighe is the only Feral Warrior whose soul wasn’t freed after the battle with the evil witch Zaphene, because his clone could escape them. Now this clone is loose among the human population and is killing people on the way. Tighe has to find his clone and free the other half of his soul or he will die soon. Because he is connected to this clone, Tighe is having visions of all the murders his clone have done, which helps him narrow the search a little. But with the last murder something changed, this time the visions were coming from someone else, a woman. Now Tighe needs to find this woman first, who hold his visions or his clone is definitely going to win.

Delany Randall is a FBI agent and is tracking a killer, who leaves only dead bodies behind. When she finally finds some clues near his last destruction, she is thrilled. But then she is standing face to face with him. He attacks her, but she managed to get a way, but he leaves something behind. Now she is able to see his murders through his eyes and she isn’t happy with that, because the visions are painful. Delany tries hard to get all the clues together during the visions, so she can stop him once and for all. Now she is facing him again, at least that what she thinks, but this man claims to be the killer’s twin. Can Delaney trust him or is she walking into a trap?

Obsession untamed by Pamela Palmer is the second novel in her Feral Warriors series and definitely a great book. Just like the previous novel, I found myself turning the pages and wanted to finish it straight away.

From the first moment Delaney meets Tighe, she knows she cannot trust him completely, because he is holding some information back and he looks exactly like the killer. But Tighe is the one who makes the pain go away, when she’s having these visions of the murders. And that is not all; he also saves a little girl from the fire his “twin” started. Delaney knows he cannot be all bad, otherwise she wouldn’t feel this huge attraction between them. But it is hard to believe all these stories he is telling her.

In this novel we see Tighe fight to get his soul back, stay alive and finding his mate along the way. But we also learn more about the disappearance of Vhyper, will he betray his fellow warriors to their enemies and the dark side. Or is his playing along with the enemy just a game to get more information he need to get back to the warriors? I can tell you, I cannot wait to find out more in the next installment.


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