dinsdag 3 november 2009

Lora Leigh - Nauti intentions

Her abusive father Dayle tricked Janey MacKay by telling her that her brother Natches was wounded, not knowing she just step into a trap. But she was saved by Alex Jansen, the man she dreamed about for years. Now several months later Janey re-opens the family restaurant and hopes the past is behind her. But here is someone in town who isn’t happy that Janey is there. First small messages were send to her, but they are getting more and more violent, so the sheriff calls in the Calvary, meaning her brother Natches, her cousins Rowdy & Dwag, but also Alex Jansen.

Major Alex Jansen has been interested in Janey since she was seventeen years old. He knows that he is much older than her and if he even looks at her that his friend Natches would kill him. But when he discovers the threatening messages, he is determined to keep her save and moves in with her. This will give him the opportunity to convince her that not all men are bad and that he wants her in his life.

Now the only thing for Janey and Alex to do is convince her overprotected brother and cousins that they belong together. At last but not least exposing the stalker who threatens her life.

Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh is the fourth novel in her Nauti Series and I have to say its one of the best books so far in the series. The novel contains a high lever of fabulous erotica scenes, strong family bond and the determination of love between two people.

Alex and Janey know each other for quite some time. Janey grew up in an abusive home, where she knew her brother Natches were taking all abusive by her father to save her. Natches send her away, so she was save and finish school, but what she didn’t know was that Alex always kept watch over her, when she was living out of town. Now she is in danger again and the only thing for Alex to do is move in with her and protect her with his life.

I have to say there were a few hilarious scenes between the MacKay cousins or between Janey and her brother Natches that brought a smile to my face. You could sense the close family bond of the MacKay. Lora Leigh has a certain way to lure you into a novel and won’t let you go until you finish the book. Well she did that with me in each and every book in this series, but especially with this novel. I loved the struggle between Janey and Alex, she wanted to get away so her family and Alex were save from the stalker and he wanted to do anything in his power to keep her with him and protect her. Also the struggle between brother and sister, the way Janey wanted to let Natches see that she was all grown up and loved him. And with the help of Alex she finally managed to open Natches’s eyes and built the relationship she so desperately wanted.

I cannot wait to read more books in the Nauti Series.


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