dinsdag 10 november 2009

Pamela Palmer - Desire untamed

Lyon is the head of the Feral Warriors, a group of shape shifting men who protect Earth from evil. Recently they lost their Radiant, a woman who can get power from the Earth and give it to the Feral Warriors, so they can continue shape-shifting. It’s up to Lyon to find the new Radiant, so the warriors are doing a ritual that will help Lyon to locate her, but what they don’t know is that Evil already set up their plan to invade Earth, starting with that same ritual.

Kara MaCallister is a young woman, living with her dying mother. When she gets something to drink for her mother one night, a large gorgeous man shows up in her kitchen, demanding that she shows him the mark, hidden on her body that proves Kara is the next Radiant, whatever that means. From that moment everything happens so fast in Kara’s life, her mother dies, they being attack by scary creatures and then finding out she is the power of a few shape-shifting warriors.

Desire untamed by Pamela Palmer is the first novel in her Feral Warriors series and a real surprise for me. This book was fabulous, forcing me to turn page after page until I finished it.

The relationship between Lyon and Kara started on the wrong foot, he’s forcing her to go with him and be someone she doesn’t want to be and she’s fighting everything she has to stay where she wants to be…home. But when her mother dies and her life is in danger, Kara knows she cannot fight this without learning what her powers are. When she meets the other eight warriors, she is overwhelmed, all strong handsome men with their own animal to call. When Kara discovers that she will be the mate of one of those warriors, she desperately hopes it will be Lyon. But what if fate decides otherwise, can she give up the man she has come to love for another warrior.

I really like the shape-shifting warriors, all of them, each of them has a different animal to call and if you see their names, you can tell which animal that would be. I do hope Pamela Palmer will write all their stories, because I think they will be interesting. I cannot wait to read the second novel Obsession untamed.


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