maandag 27 juli 2009

Larissa Ione - Passion unleashed

Three brothers born as Seminius demons but human in appearance, they are a breed bound by desire (incubus) and only male. At the age of hundred they gain the ability to shape shift and impregnate females, but sometimes it happens that some of them loses any sense of compassion and turn rogue. Eidolon, Shade & Wraith bundle their healing skills together and build UG hospital, where demons are the doctors, but also the patients.

Serena Kelly is an archeologist and she will do anything to recover a relic. But Serena has a secret not everyone knows about; when she was a child she got ill and was slowly dying. Her mother was one of the chosen ones to wear a charm, but sacrifice her own life to save her daughter. This charm will keep the diseases away as long as she stays a virgin and invincible for demons. But somehow the line between good and bad is disappearing and now demons are after her.

Wraith has been poised and is slowly dying. His illness has affected on the Underworld General hospital, because it’s literally falling apart. So Eidolon and Shade are trying hard to find an antidote for Wraith and discovers there is only one cure. Wraith has to take Serena’s virginity so her charm will work on him, but the only downside is that Serena will die.

Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione is the third novel in her Demonica series and definitely my favorite. Wraith touched my heart in the first book and never left again. Just like the previous novels, this one will lure you into a world you don’t want to leave. The war between humans and demon kind is getting worse by the minute and some of them will have to work together to stop evil once and for all.

Serena Kelly is a strong young woman, who is determined to make her life work, especially after almost death experience in her childhood. Her mother saved her life by placing a charm on her daughter, as long as she stays a virgin Serena will live a normal life and with the necklace on her neck she is hidden from evil. But now the line between the two worlds is disappearing and it seems her cover is blown up. Now evil is chasing her and the only thing for her to do is trust this handsome stranger.

Wraith is the youngest of the three brothers, but definitely the scariest. He is half vampire, half Seminius demon and don’t really care what others think of him, only his two brothers Eidolon and Shade. He would give his life for them, because they were the only one who cares enough to save him for the prison he lived in since the day he was born. Now he is poisoned and slowly dying, the only cure for him is to take a woman’s virginity. But Wraith cannot let this beautiful woman die to save his own life.

I really love the brother bond between Eidolon, Shade and Wraith, it is so intense. The determination to find a cure for their brother makes my heart beat harder. But to see bad boy Wraith refuses to take someone’s life just to save his own, is just so overwhelming. From the first book he is the bad boy and couldn’t care less if someone dies, but now he finally meets the love of his live just to kill her in order to save his own. But fate has his own way.

Kynan & Gem’s story continues in this book. Kynan finally realizes what Gem means to him, when another demon is interested in her. Okay this demon has his own reason for seducing Gem, but it spice up the relationship between Gem & Kynan. I’m really looking forward to read more about them. This new character Lore is very interesting and definitely worth to check out more in his own novel.


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