maandag 27 juli 2009

Kendra Leigh Castle - Call of the highland moon

Gideon MacInnes is the future Alpha of his clan; his clan has been guardian of the Stone of Destiny since ages. But before Gideon takes the responsibilities to lead the clan, he leaves Scotland to see the world. But out there in the big bad world, nothing is, as it seems, Gideon cannot get used living in big cities, with all the noise and too many people. When he is finally ready to go home, he is attacked and badly injured by rogue werewolves and left to die. But for some reason Gideon has enough strength to reach the door of a small shop.

Carly has a successful bookstore called “Bodice rippers and baubles”. Then one cold winter night she finds a wounded dog/wolf on her doorstep and even though Carly fears the huge dog/wolf she knows she cannot let it die and takes him home with her and nurses his wounds. After a good night sleep she doesn’t find a wounded wolf before the fireplace, but a handsome naked man.

But the danger has followed Gideon to Carly’s home and now he not only have to keep himself out of trouble but protect his newfound mate too.

Call of the highland moon by Kendra Leigh Castle is the first novel in her MacInnes Werewolves series. I do love shape shifters story and when I came across this book I couldn’t help myself and bought the book. Well the book was definitely a surprise, because it was fabulous.

Gideon MacInnes is the eldest son of the Clan leader, the clan has been protecting the Stone of Destiny forever and Gideon knows his father wants for him to take over. But he is not quite ready and travel around the world, not knowing he would found his mate, the love of his life.

Carly has always been the romantic type, so she opens a romantic novel bookshop, but couldn’t imagine finding a shape shifter wolf on her doorstep one cold winter night. This handsome stranger is about to set her world on fire and take her with him on a very excitement, but dangerous trip.

Gideon and Carly are so right for each other, he’s the handsome strong leader and she’s the steady heroine, the down to earth type, but together they are hot and steamy. I really enjoyed reading their scenes and the several conversations between them about the way their relationship should go.

This novel was definitely a lovely surprise and I cannot wait to read the next novel in this series.


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