dinsdag 14 juli 2009

Jasmine Haynes - Show and tell

Trinity Green is married to Harper, a man who doesn’t like his lovely wife to mess up her clothes or make passionate love to her in bed. But things are about to change when Trinity arrives home early to find her lovely husband in the shower with another woman. Trinity is totally in shock and she decides to go to a hotel for the night to think things over and to get away from her cheating husband.

Scott Sinclair is exhausted from his flight and the only thing he wants to do is find a hotel room and sleep. But as he prepares himself to relax and get some sleep, he hears erotic noises coming from the room next door. When he realizes the mystery woman is alone, he is unable to resist himself and find himself knocking on her door.

Trinity is in total shock when she find a gorgeous stranger in front of her hotel room door, asking her if he could just watch when she pleasuring herself. Unable to resist the strangers request she let him in; because she knows she will never ever see him again. But when the night is over and she finds his business card on the table, she realizes that their professional lives will cross soon….very soon.

Show and tell by Jasmine Hunter is a fabulous novel with a lot of steamy erotic scenes, humour and eventually true love. Main characters Trinity and Scott meet each other under strange circumstances.

Trinity Green finds her husband with another woman and wonders if she still wants him or should she divorce the bastard. She wants a meaning in her life and accepts a job in her fathers company, trying to get her life back. But it is not easy to work for you father, her co-workers are having a hard time to accept her for who she really is, not just the daughter of the boss. And her little escapade with Scott Sinclair doesn’t help either, why does she keep calling him, when she should get her live back together.

Scott Sinclair isn’t looking for a girlfriend, he is recently divorced and the only thing he wants is work and be there for his children. But when he meets Trinity he knows she is the right woman for him. But Trinity doesn’t want another man in her life, but Scott convince her to give him a change and his seduction has begun.

I loved it; Miss Jasmine Haynes really created a realistic storyline, where a lot of women around the world can relate to. It’s hot and steamy and definitely worth to read.


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