woensdag 15 juli 2009

Colleen Gleason - Rises the night

Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth recently learned that she is the next in line to be a Venator vampire hunter and she is fighting vampires for over a year now and it costs her more than you can imagine. Her beloved husband Philip was turned into a vampire by her enemy Lilith, the Vampire Queen and the only thing she could do to really save him, was to kill him for good. After a year of mourning she is back on the streets, killing vampire like no other and stronger than ever.

Victoria discovers that a group of humans are loyal to the vampires, calling themselves the Tutela. A trail from London leads Victoria to Italy, where she, her aunt Eustacia, some other venators and Sebastian discover that this is bigger than they could have imagine.

Nedas, Lilith’s son has built him quiet an impressive army to become the dominant race on
Earth and use humans as the food supply. Nedas is after an object that could provide him with the power he desperately seeks. The only way to stop him is to infiltrate into the Tutela and gets as much information as she can. But she quickly learns that danger is just around the corner, because someone she once trusted as a dear friend has joined the enemy.

Rises the night by Colleen Gleason is the second novel in her Gardella vampire chronicles and a great novel, she really created a world similar to “Buffy the vampire slayer” but then with the historical timeline.

Victoria Grantworth is a strong young woman that recently lost the love of her life. She was warned that love and a place in society were not getting a long with her job as a Venator vampire hunter, but she wanted to try. It costs her husband Philip his life and she is full of hate towards Lilith, the Vampire Queen who is responsible for Philip’s turning. But first she has to deal with Lilith’s son Nedas, who wants to power to control the vampires and use the humans as food.

Of course Victoria is not alone on this journey, her aunt Eustacia is there to support her with every step she takes, guiding her to become the next leading Venator. Sebastian Vioget, her ex-lover is there by her side, trying to convince her he is the man in her life, but can she trust him, it seems he has a secret life of his own. And then we have Maximilan Pesaro, one
of the other vampire slayers who left London right after Victoria lost her husband, but he turns up in Italy in some weird company, can she trust him or will he be the traitor in the group. Victoria knows she is about to find out.

This historical romantic fantasy novel is definitely worth to read, it’s full of intrigue plots, danger and friends who seems to be enemies and visa versa. You have to read the next novel to find out what will happen, because the books in this series do not have the normal happily ever after when you finish them. I can tell you this I’m looking forward to read the next to see if I’m right about some thing.


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