dinsdag 14 juli 2009

Patricia Briggs - Bone crossed

Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a mechanic and owns her own garage. She was raised by one of the most powerful werewolves pack in North America, even though Mercy isn’t a werewolf herself. She is a walker and is able to shift into a coyote when she wants to. Recently she is healing form the brutal assault in which she had to kill her attacker. Mercy finds it hard to be around men after the rape, but little by little her boyfriend alpha wolf and pack leader Adam wins back her trust and even convince her to finally marry him.

But then Mercy gets a visit from her former roommate Amber, who reads about Mercy in the newspapers and is in need for her help. It seems her son is seeing a ghost and it’s not a friendly one, Amber wants Mercy to come to Spokane and get rid of the ghost. Mercy knows this is a good time to get of a town, not only to heal the wounds but also as the vampire Queen Marsilia still wants to drain her blood for helping vampire Stefan killing a monster.

In the mean time Adam will negotiates with Marsilia, but Mercy soon discover that she has the difficult job. Not only is she dealing with a ghost, a little boy and his parents, but also with a powerful master vampire, who want her in his life….for good.

Bone crossed by Patricia Briggs is the fourth novel in her Mercedes Thompson series. I think everybody knows by now that I’m a huge fan of this series and I have to say this novel is another great one.

In this book you definitely can see that Mercedes Thompson is a very strong person. Okay, she has a thing for getting into trouble, but that doesn’t mean its okay to beat her and rape her, just because you’re more powerful or use a spell. That’s what happens to her in the novel Iron Kissed. Now she is healing and although her wounds disappear, the wounds on her soul do not. But her best friend Sam and her boyfriend Adam are just great and very patient.
Pack leader and alpha wolf Adam wants Mercy as his mate/wife for a long time and over the past few months he is trying to convince her to accept his proposal, but without succeeding. Now some other bastard hurt his woman badly and maybe ruins his change of a life with her. The only thing he can do now is try to win her trust back and convince her of his love.

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of vampires, werewolves, shape shifters stories, so this series is definitely the one for me, because it has all the above. During the previous books we all saw the triangle relationship between Mercy, Adam & Samuel and I always wonder which man Mercy would choose. Both were strong and alpha material and secretly I was hoping it would be Adam. Now she has made her choice, but danger will always lure around the corner because others are after Mercy too. I cannot wait for the next novel.


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