woensdag 1 juli 2009

Larissa Ione - Desire unchained

Three brothers born as Seminius demons but human in appearance, they are a breed bound by desire (incubus) and only male. At the age of hundred they gain the ability to shape shift and impregnate females, but sometimes it happens that some of them loses any sense of compassion and turn rogue. Eidolon, Shade & Wraith bundle their healing skills together and build UG hospital, where demons are the doctors, but also the patients.

Runa Wagner has been dating bad boy Shade, until she walked in on him with two other women. Full of hurt and fury she runs from Shade’s apartment and was attacked by a werewolf; Runa survived the attack but knew her life would never be the same. A year later the only thing on her mind is to hurt Shade and to find and kill the thing that attacked her. But when she’s been captured by some creature who’ll use her to kill Shade, she’s wondering what side she’s on.

Shade is a Seminius demon with a love-curse place on him. Shade knows he cannot ever fall in love, otherwise the curse will activate and he’ll slowly fade away and spend the rest of eternity in everlasting torment. But when an unknown enemy captured him, he discovers that he is not the only one in the cell. Runa his former lover is also there and she is not happy to see him. But his enemy knows about his curse and he tricks Shade into bonding Runa to him as his life mate.

They escape the dungeon, but with the enemy close behind them Shade & Runa find themselves battling not only the enemy but also the forced bonding. Spade knows he cannot care for Runa; otherwise he curse will do his job.

Desire unchained by Larissa Ione is the second novel in her Demonica series and yet again another fabulous novel. The moment you start reading the book it will lure you into a demon world full of paranormal beings and humans fighting each other and then discovering they need each other to fight a higher power.

Runa Wagner is a strong young woman that was in love with Spade, but after the night she caught him with two other women, from that night on her life change for good, not only hurt by the man she loved, but also attacked by a werewolf. Now Spade is back in her life, and the first thing on her mind is to hurt him, but she cannot deny her strong attraction towards him.
Spade promise himself never to love a woman because of his curse and so far he is doing good, but after being captured and sharing the same cell with his formal lover Runa changes everything. Not only does he have to fight their enemy, but also find a way to break the curse, or he will be doomed forever.

Just like in the previous book you can see the huge bond between the brothers, especially when they discover the truth about their eldest brother Roag. My heart was pounding like a mad man when Wraith offer to save Shade life and wanted to take over the curse…well, is this brother love or not… There isn’t anything the brothers wouldn’t do for each other.
We see more about Kynan, the human special agent who is working at the demon hospital right now and his strange relationship with Gem.

This is a great novel with gorgeous, dangerously demons, to spend a few hours with on the sofa. This is definitely a series that stays on my bookshelves forever. I cannot wait to read more about my favorite demon Wraith.


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