vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

Colleen Gleason - The bleeding dusk

Victoria Gardella, one of the youngest Illa Gardella venators is dealing with grief again, first she lost her beloved husband and shortly afterwards her Aunt, the previous Illa Gardella is killed by one of her closes friend. The pain is huge, but she cannot blame him for betraying her, she knows her Aunt saved her life by sacrifice her own, but that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. Now she is settling her aunt’s affairs and in the mean time still hunting vampires.

Victoria and the other venators are looking for the keys that will open the Door of Alchemy before the vampires or demons will. Victoria knows now that they are not only fighting vampire this time, but also the demons. It seems those two enemies has combined they forces together. She knows she needs help to get the job done and wearing two vis bullaes instead of one isn’t bad either, she is stronger than ever.

But that is not all, Victoria’s mother and her tow best friends show up to celebrate Carnival in Rome and those three will do anything to find another husband for Victoria. Now she is not only fighting vampires and demons, but also trying to protect her mother and her friends. But that is not all she needs to keep Sebastian at a safe distance and Max is back in her life….will she ever trust him?

The bleeding dusk by Colleen Gleason is the third novel in her Gardella series and another fabulous one. The world she created is fabulous, I love the whole regency rules and world mixed up with the vampire slaying.

In each book you see that Victoria is a very strong young woman. She has been through hell in the last several years, losing several loved ones but still coming out strong. Of course she got help from two very handsome men; first we have Sebastian, a very determined man who will do anything in his power to protect Victoria against evil, but also trying very hard to convince her to choose him as her next partner. She is definitely attracted to him, they even shared some passionate nights together, but is he the right man for her.
Then we have Max, another vampire hunter who is under the spell of Lilith and isn’t sure if he will ever get away from her. He betrayed Victoria because he was the one who had a hand in her Aunt’s death, but she cannot blame him for that. There is a huge attraction between them, but neither one of them knows what to do with it.

A fabulous vampire series settle in the regency time with tow hot male characters to choose from. Oh yeah, who wouldn’t want that.


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