maandag 23 februari 2009

Jeaniene Frost - At grave's end

Catherine “Cat” Crawfield a long-time vampire hunter, half-vampire, half-human is the head of an elite team of a government agency, who deals with paranormal law enforcements. But her career may be over now every undead creature knows her appearance, red hair and green eyes. When Cat’s cover is blown again, the team needs to find another way to deal with the undead. So they ask a rogue prisoner to assist in their operation, she agrees but takes the first opportunity to escape and kills one of the team members along the way.

But that is not all Cat worries about because a killer vampire from Bones’ past re-appears with only one thing on her mind…. vengeance. Patra is determined to kill Bones once and for all and to do that she unleashes a powerful evil. Cat and Bones has to join forces with not only the elite team, but also Bones’s grand sire and some powerful vampires form the past to fight this evil.

At grave’s end by Jeaniene Frost is the third novel in The Night huntress series and another fabulous one. This is a story that will lure you into a world full of danger, companionship and true love. So I was not surprise to find myself finishing the book hours later.

The main characters Cat and Bones are both strong and determined to succeed in their mission. Their relationship is hot, sensual, strong and full of danger, but that is just the way they like it. Totally committed to each together Bones has to deal with his jealousy, when one of the team members Tate shows his affection more to Cat. Tate even turns into a vampire in the hope Cat will leave Bones for him. But readers who has read this series, knows that will never happen.

I was hooked from the first page and couldn’t put the book down, so it’s only natural that I finish it hours later. I think every woman will fall in love with Bones…. at least I am. .
Jeaniene Frost really knows how to write a fabulous vampire novel. I cannot wait to find out, what she has in store in the next novel.


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